Red Orchesta 2: Heroes Of Stalingrad & Rising Storm Expansion Preview []

Dealspwn writes: "How do you know about the grain elevator level?"

Such was my response from Tripwire Interactive VP Alan Wilson when I asked him to give us the 'elevator pitch' for Red Orchestra 2: Heroes Of Stalingrad. Their upcoming shooter promises to deliver authentic locations, weapons and environments (such as the aforementioned grain silo) that will give players an unflinching insight into the brutal Russian campaign of World War II - and from what I can see, this team of ex-modders will deliver exactly that. On top of some ludicrously hardcore multiplayer action, naturally."

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fossilfern2608d ago

I cannot wait any longer! 13th September cant come sooner

Saryk2608d ago

This is the only game I have pre-ordered all year, can't wait!

Bonerboy2607d ago

Ohhh... Ohhh.... there goes my penis again!