Video Game Do’s and Don’t's

SFL Chronicle: Being a gamer for nearly twenty years, it becomes easier and easier to spot bad habits that developers build as time passes. This list is a simple set of do’s and don’t’s that I, personally, feel game developers should consider. And if you don’t think any developers will ever read this, therefore rendering my points moot, then I say to you: “YOUR FACE! What now, huh?!? What now?!?” Okay, okay! I jest!

Now, onto the list…

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SCW19822641d ago

Good read, a few things I disagree with but over all very good article. Heads up though GoldenEye 007 was T for Teen. Spiritual successor Perfect Dark was M for mature. Can't wait for part 2.

KFox1092641d ago

Thanks for the kind words and the heads up! I fixed the Goldeneye 007 part! :]

Tony P2640d ago

Great article.

It's a disturbingly rare thing to find gamers that have some understanding of design.

Lots of good points.

KFox1092640d ago

Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it!:D

Quagmire2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

Don't: Shoehorn MP where its NOT needed (Dead Space, Bioshock, Assassin's Creed etc...)

Don't: Release the same damn game every year/month (Call of Duty, Sports Games, Street Fighter, Marvel VS Capcom)

Don't: Fuck your fans over, Capcom! (New Dante, Ultimate MvC3, 3 iterations of Street Fighter, No Dino Crisis, Action-oriented non-Horror Resident Evil games, No localisation of Monster Hunter Portable 3/HD, Miles Edgeworth 2)

darthv722640d ago

DO: play video games and have fun.

DON'T: be a fanboy

jacksonmichael2640d ago

This was directed more towards devs, so I would say...
Do: Localize games.
Don't: Be Capcom.

darthv722640d ago

you think devs don't play games? Many almost seemed to forget it was fun once just to play the games.

Some are even fanboys and that is why we get hype up the ying yang for stuff that doesnt deserve it.

So my comment can work them as well as us regular folk.

Wintersun6162640d ago

A good read, though I disagree with the point on cinematic games. I absolutely loved all the MGS games with their long cinematics and codec chats. I was interested in knowing more of it. I'm one of those who called up everyone on the codec every now and then to not miss a single optional codec conversation. These kinds of games are very few and far between, so I welcome them as long as they actually have good stories.

Tony P2640d ago

Well, MGS is a good exception. The developers understand how to implement interesting mechanics regardless of what the story is or how it's presented.

But most other devs don't. So they shouldn't be focusing on cinematic storytelling when it compensates for rather average gameplay.

Main_Street_Saint2640d ago

Very good list... every point made sense. The Shinobi (PS2) difficulty was a great example; ruined the game for me after the whole 'cursed sword' thing was dropped on you.