Retail prepared to reduce new Wii to £79.99

A new Wii hardware price and Mario Kart bundle caused a sales uplift in May. Now the platform holder hopes to repeat the trick with a new-look console and bundle.

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Venox20082669d ago

what can I say - wow.. but for GC BC - boo...

mike1up2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )


Gotta love all of these recent Nintendo price drops. Were Iwata, Miyamoto, and Reggie all visited by 3 ghost lastnight or something?

Even minus the Gamecube BC, Nintendo will make pretty good money from this. All of the "super casuals" that have yet to buy a Wii, or if someone just wants another one.

Jumping the gun here a little bit. I think that Nintendo cutting out the Gamecube BC completely barely effects the Wii price drop. This is all leading up to the WiiU having downloadable Gamecube content. Nintendo is as crafty as ever.