Pixels or Death interviews Supergiant Games

Pixels or Death's Patrick Lindsey talks to Greg Kasavin, creative designer at Supergiant Games (and writer of the smash-hit Bastion)about Cormac McCarthy, The Little Mermaid, and what exactly it is that makes Bastion so special.

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aharshberger2666d ago

Greg seemed like a genuinely awesome dude. Who just happens to make totally badass games.

eon02666d ago

I like how he compared the game's darkness to the original Little Mermaid.

JonathonWilson2666d ago

He's definitely a cool guy. It's always nice to get some insight into what kind of thought goes into a game of that sheer quality.

MPScrimshaw2666d ago

any game that mixes cormac mccarthy and Firefly is alright in my book, and man is Bastian far more than alright.