TGS Announcements I Wanna See

Game Revolution's Heath Hindman dishes out what would make TGS complete, such as Valkyria Chronicles 4, Horribly Kept Secrets, certain games going multiplatform, and so on. Oh the fun of imagination.

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WhiteLightning2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

"Final Fantasy Versus XIII Goes Multiplatform"

So you want it to go MP just for a sad

I'm sorry but it's been in development too long I just want it to come out on the platform it has been in development for all this time, I don't want to wait even longer just for them to cut content out of it and dumb it down. I actually want an amazing FF this gen. To be honest I would love to see them come out and announce that FF13 Versus is being renamed into FF15....least then we'll get a decent main title FF game. Don't see why FF13 can be seen as a main title FF game when it was crap, yet the one that looks decent just gets named as a "spin off" or "side game"

Square she just admit that this whole "Fabula Nova Crystallis" crap hasn't worked out the way they wanted it to. They may aswell replace FF13 versus with FF13-2 as a part of a title in the series and make Versus into FF15.

Well that's my opinion anyway

user8586212642d ago

versus going multiplatform would actually be quite hilarious, I'm down for that xD

MaxXAttaxX2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

I probably would've cared about Versus going multiplatform 3 years ago. But SquareEnix has been messing up and I don't care nor would I even be surprised anymore if it really went multiplatform.

Nomura said that he doesn't own SE and whether they decide to make it multiplatform later in its development cycle is another story and not up to him. But at the moment he's developing Versus XIII exclusively for PS3.

RedDead2641d ago

I think it would be funny as well....but most people don't care anymore... I think and hope we've gotten by that anyway, I'd prefer it to stay Exclusive just in case the 360 does affect it, i'm one of the people against the whole "360 ruined FF13" but if there's a chance it actually did i'd prefer it not to go 360, there is also bound to be a longer dev time on it if it's multi now. Which I don't want

BigWoopMagazine2642d ago

Valkyria back on console would be glorious. I'll never understand why they went portable only with it in the first place, so dumb. Way to split the fan base.

stonecold32642d ago

ffvs 13 is ps3 exclusive they dont have time to port it to another console. and another thing nomura choose the most powerful advanced console at the time which was the ps3 . when ps3 was launching and ff game wouldnt sell on 360 anyway . they should be lucky to be playing ff13 xiii2 instead. as for tokyo game show i hope nomura gives us release date for ffvs13 at least. and once ffvs 13 is finished .i would like some info on kh3 ?

tiffac0082642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

Not if Wada has anything to say about it. I won't let it past his greedy hands that FFXIIIVs will be multiplat which will delays the [email protected] thing even more because they would surely want a simultaneous release.

Not to mention it will suck more man power to one game than making a new one, like maybe Kingdom Hearts 3!

Only a person in denial won't admit that FFXIII becoming multiplat caused that game to be delayed when SE had to make another engine for the 360 version.

As for the article saying Valkyria Chronicles 4 should be on the PS3. I would love for that to happen but someone tell Sega to bring 3 over here first.

knifefight2642d ago

Seriously, 3 is definitively better than 2. Not as grand and sweeping as the original, what with it being a handheld and all, but the stronger game.

Jappy-k72642d ago

"they should be lucky to be playing ff13 xiii2 instead"

Excuse me but who the F*** are you Mr. nobody?

Godmars2902642d ago

The thing is that after all this time S/E has yet to show any ability to utilize the functions of an exclusive HD console. Otherwise they would have done so on the 360. What examples they implied early on with the PS3 they only backpedaled from.

dbjj120882642d ago

Can't wait for tgs this year. Should be some great reveals!

Cpt_kitten2642d ago

hopefully persona 5 gets announced and FFvs13 gets a date

announcements i want to hear

Xof2642d ago

You hear about the teaser site?

Looks like P4P is next. Hopefully it'll be a Vita title.

LostTokens2642d ago

THIS. I demand Persona 5 information!

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