Kinect head-tracking in first-person shooters would be "phenomenal" - David Braben

OXM UK: "Frontier Developments boss David Braben feels a first-person shooter with Kinect support would be "phenomenal", providing it's sensibly combined with a controller interface."

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Septic2666d ago

I wouldn't describe it as 'phenomenal' but a really neat feature. You notice how, when players do play FPS', they always tilt their heads left and right instinctively as if it help them see round the corner. Imagine a FPS with headtracking where you can peer round the corner by tilting your head slightly.

I reckon you would have to press a button to initiate it thought because you don't want the camera to be moving unnecessarily.

dredgewalker2666d ago

That would be a good feature. It can be naturally implemented to help out with the controller.

Objective2666d ago

Doesn't that mean aiming will require a coordination of both head movement and right stick? Maybe there can be dodge functions when you tilt your head.

dirigiblebill2666d ago

Kinect as a supporting act for the controller, I can live with. Kinect as the main attraction, I struggle to get excited about.

zerocrossing2666d ago

I agree. Kinect just doesn't offer much for a real game experience alone, coupled with the controller it does have some interesting potential.

Objective2666d ago

Depends on the genre of game IMO. Games that require precision shouldn't have kinect as the main controller.

gamingdroid2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

or games that require full body tracking like dance and sports. You simply can't do those games justice with controllers.

The other part we have to wait and see. At this stage the technology is close, but not there yet.

The good news, the data is there, you just have to interpret it, so it is a software problem. Software is upgradeable!

matey2666d ago

WiiU tablet controls seem the best fit 4 a real Hardcore fest in my opinion and in general Kinect is 4 casual kiddy crap but Microsoft will push it hard with tons of cash i hope they fail.

CrimsonEngage2666d ago

I'd use Kinect more if it had head tracking. Especially in Battelfield 3 to look around the cockpit of jet's when flying.

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