Dead Island Set to Invade Xbox LIVE

Deep Silver has today revealed that shortly before the release of the highly anticipated Dead Island at the beginning of September, the four characters of the game will also leave their mark on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for the Xbox 360. Offering players the possibility to extend their experience with Dead Island onto the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for Xbox 360, gamers will be able to dress-up their Xbox LIVE Avatar as any of their favourite Dead Island characters.

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jophus2640d ago

It's all already there. I only knew about it because I was obsessively reloading the page waiting for the Robocop gear, haha!

Old McGroin2640d ago

Ah seriously man? Do you really spend real money on clothes for virtual dolls?

jophus2640d ago

For Robocop? Yes. Ten times yes. Have I before? No. Hell no. I usually don't give two shits about Avatar things, but I'm a MASSIVE Robocop fan.

Goozex2640d ago

nothing new for ps owners. Ps home has a virtual space, mini game AND clothing already.

DevilishSix2639d ago

Really? Since the game is less then 2 weeks away, how about a demo so I can determine if the gameplay feels good anough to get the game. They need to convince me or I will just get the new GOW remastered games.

Miiikeyyy2639d ago

Would love a freaking demo! I'd be smashing heads in until Dead Island released XD

jriquelme_paraguay2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

where is the fun changing outfit in avatars?
The mini games in Home are awesome... and you can win a New Weapon to use it in the game!

2639d ago