Sin City's Robert Rodriguez talks games, 'films must get better'

As videogames continue to rise in popularity and get to grips with good storytelling, movies have to get "even better than ever" says director Robert Rodriguez.

Interactive is how storytelling is absorbed these days with games. Original Halo "still works cinematically" after 10 years. Rodriguez helped create Freelancer.

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WhiteLightning2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

"and get to grips with good storytelling"

Like that god awful Spy Kids 4 you made

I like Robert Rodriguez...I really do but I was dissapointed in him that he made Sky Kids 4 after his past amazing films like Planet Terror, Machete, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, The Faculty.

KingPin2665d ago

lol agreed, but at the same time i cant hold it against him. nobody in the business had hits from day one. not even james cameron <i shift your attention to > and he made terminator, avatar, titanic, aliens to name a few.

but Robert does have a creative eye. sin city to this day has to be one of the best comic-to-movie transitions.

MasterD9192665d ago

I think he makes hit-or-miss movies and a lot of his stuff is over-rated but Sin City is his best piece of work IMO.

I saw Predators and didn't think that was too bad either...but agreed on the Spy Kids 4- why make that film?