Deus Ex: Human Revolution Round Up | Expresso SABC 3

South African TV show, Expresso explains Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

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WobblyOnion2640d ago

Too much game to review in 4 minutes of chatting. 8.5 out of 5? :D

Darranged2640d ago

And you played it early as well. I hate you.

Darranged2640d ago

But super-excited to be getting my hands on this tomorrow. Its been a dry season for the last two months, and Deus Ex officially kicks off the quality period of games for us this year :)

Ognipode2640d ago

8.5 / 5 - This game MUST BE EPIC!! LOL.

Seriously, getting mine tomorrow and I am super duper pumped to finally play it!

DEADEND2640d ago

I'm just about to face the first boss and I have to.say I'm liking this game more then I did with Mass Effect 2. There so many ways to go about doing things its so refreshing.