Resistance 3 dev Insomniac explains removal of health regen

Resistance 3 won’t feature regenerating health – because while people have got used to it, it’s “not very exciting”, according to developers Insomniac.

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farhsa20082641d ago

Great to hear Insomniac, lets see all the COD fans complain now!

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dc12641d ago

Is it ok to be a little bummed out over this? Oh well,... I look forward to the challenge.

pixelsword2641d ago

Well, remember:

Before Nathan Hale was infected in R1, he couldn't regenerate his health either. Since Capelli is no longer a sentinel, he lost his ability to regenerate his health as well.

dc12640d ago


You are right, however - I thought that once a a sentinel you stayed a sentinel (requiring constant treatments). Once a sentinel stops taking the treatments they begin to turn.
We will see how the store turns out!

P_Bomb2640d ago

I remember reading something to the effect that they managed to make a Chimera vaccine/antidote from Nathan Hale's dead body after Resistance 2, but by then it was too late to spread it as humanity was already beaten into a corner and hopelessly outnumbered.

Just guessing, but Capelli was probably given the vaccine as part of his dishonorable discharge.

Dacapn2640d ago

It depends out how it's done. I really only like health regeneration if it's done reasonably. KZ3 does it fine in that it really takes a while for you to fully recover so you're outta commission for a good amount of time healing up while the battle continues.

COD is just too fast, but maybe it's ok since it's a fast paced shooter. It just seems like all that really matters is that you get the kill because 2 or 3 seconds later you're back to max.

Moral of the story, no health regen is cool by me. What would be cooler is if it was implemented in games with class systems, then medic classes would be pivotal in winning.

Bonobo123452640d ago

I can't quite remember but resistance 1 had 3 small sections in the health bar, these sections would regenerate themselves but if you lost one it was gone. (not quite sure if this was resistance or something else please correct me if I'm wrong)

I think this is a superb way of doing health.
Similar to assassins creed which is good.

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Dart892641d ago

Good cuz health regeneration is for p*ssies.

Good job Insomniac.

Kurt Russell2640d ago

I want Rambo healing instead - where you use the gunpowder from a bullet to cauterize yourself!

ChronoJoe2640d ago

It's kinda bullshit though.

I mean there's no health regen in singleplayer. But there is in Multiplayer.

I'ma be spending most of my time in MP, so most of my experience with the game will be with health regen on. I don't mind that at all though, totally fine with it, it makes more sense to me as I dislike finding I've got 1/4 health at the end of an encounter and being forced to, simply put, die to the next guy.

But with that said, Insomniac are kinda lying to people here. To boost PR I guess, people want R3 like R1, but it's nothing alike.

EeJLP-2640d ago

I agree with your last paragraph, but all 3 games in the franchise have health regen online.

There's no health packs online in RFoM.

dangert122640d ago

sorry pops ;) lol

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi2641d ago

Hopefully this will start a trend.


or re-visit an old one.. there was a time when most games used health packs.

In my opinion HaloCE still had the best system. You would get a bit of health regen, but you still had health packs as well.

I hope you are right. I miss the days when I would play with my bro and we would both make a mad sprint for the health pack to see who would get the health first.

pixelsword2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

The first Killzone did the same thing too.

And LOL:

I could never beat my brothers getting the health.

slaton242640d ago

even before that there was a time when you had a set amount of lives and once you hit 0 it was game over

Soldierone2640d ago

Lmao all the good times of "WTF I NEEDED THAT!"
"My bad!" *does it again* "oops!" haha

Legionaire20052640d ago

Dark witness
Of course Halo had it right cause it make sense in that game. All other developers were miss guided by it and made their games regeneration only cause they think Halo made it standard, but Halo CE only used it as a shield not a health bar. Im glad resistance 3 is going back old fashion.

Perjoss2640d ago

For coop games I LIVE the system in L4D games where you collect health packs but use them later on yourself or your team mates.

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Coffin872641d ago

Yes, indeed. Not thanks to all the casuals.
Hopefully some more Devs stand up and punch Capitalism in the face.

f7897902640d ago

I say they do what Just Cause 2 did. You can only regenerate so much health after being hurt. If you lose more than that, it doesn't regenerate fully.

gedapeleda2641d ago

Nice, old school health bar is used once again.I noticed that shooters with healt pack and sutch are way more interesting becouse you have to plan your actions,not just run and gun.

coolbeans2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

It's technically not the "old school health bar" they had in FoM. From all of the gameplay vids I've seen, it's actually more of a health wheel-which is a very fitting choice imo.

FACTUAL evidence2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

This shii only apply's to SP...if you're in the R3 beta you'd know that it's not for MP.....In SP with resistance you always had to plan. So in the MP it's still run and gun madness. Which i love BTW. Yeah so you still regenerate on the MP...

I'd rather have it in SP though...specially on the hardest modes.

EDIT: OMG! what's up with all this BS saying that health packs arr exciting? Are some of you out your freaking mind!? I don't know about you but I don't want to get a checkpoint with 3% health, no health packs and I'm stuck and have to reload the level......Even playing "tactically" you can still end up getting the rough end of the's not exciting, it's just plain ass call of duty classic and go for the platinum.....we'll see if you'll find the excitement in that.

Also, I'm not implying to R3 at all....I'm used to health packs because R1..I'm saying though, for future references, not all fps could go the route of the health pack. Imagine no regen in the newer cod the damage is already OP'd.

Wizziokid2641d ago

good move IMO, i prefer having to search for health it makes the gamer harder and is more fun.

the new-school health re-gen makes most FPS games a lot easier since you can just hide for a moment then you have full health again.

bring back the old-school!

stevenhiggster2641d ago

It makes games a lot more exciting too, I spent ages running around in HL2 with very little health. It puts you on the edge of your seat trying to stay alive until you find a health pack.

TheCampfireSong2640d ago

i liked the way the health system was in RFOM.

Errod882641d ago

i'm agreeing with you on that. :D