Gamescom 2011: The Battfield 3 'Experience'

@XG247: We experience 64-player online multiplayer straight from the mouth of Battlefield 3. Daniel Matros is on hand to show us around!

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The BF3 retail experience

- Buy Game from retailer
- "Rush" (eh ehh eh?) home
- Rip open packaging
- Install
- begrudingly install Origin aka EA Spyware
- confused at lack of ingame server browser
- begdrudingly ALT + TAB to Battlelog
- FINALLY enjoy BF3
- get in a Jet and bomb some suckas
- Satisfy Need for GAU 8 A10 gunnage
- decide to try recon class
- Finds out snipers are pants compared to ARs with scopes
- Tries out shotguns, 2 shots at point blank? also pointless
- meh goes back to jets =D

Pandamobile2667d ago

Or play the beta and get used to Battlelog.


OR the devs could just correct it so we dont have to jump through hoops to get into an online I dont know? every other bloody MP game?

Pandamobile2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

How bout trying the game before complaining about it. Battlelog worked extremely well; better than just about every server browser I've ever used with the exception of Source games.

Go to Battle Log, look through list of servers with all the filters and organizational tools you'd expect; join game; loads for about 15-20 seconds in the back ground while you can continue to browse the internet; when the game fully loads, it full-screens you're ready to go.