New iPhone Game Shows Battlefield 3 Quality

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation will be available this fall on iOS and Android.

Watch the first footage of this new sequel to the best, most realistic smartphone FPS series, and dive into an apocalyptic battle for the U.S. freedom

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Pikajew2668d ago

How can it be quality like a PC game with no buttons and a tiny screen?

Tachyon_Nova2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

Don't see what buttons has to do with anything in terms of graphics, but regardless, this clearly does not even match Far Cry really...

Hope this gets 'Xperia Play Optimised', would be a surprise if it didn't. Dead Space mobile is a fantastic experience on Xperia Play, I challenge anybody to play that and say it can't compete with consoles.

Army_of_Darkness2668d ago

BF3 quality?!?! LOL! maybe COD...

theonlylolking2668d ago


This thing makes COD look like a masterpiece

dark-hollow2668d ago

Oh look! It's another half assed rip off from gameloft.

meetajhu2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

I was happy to hear until I saw gameloft. Rage HD for iOS is still the best looking game on mobile.


Infinity blade doesn't have shadows, lights and many enemies on screen. It has only a ambient light used in ps1 generation and the games doesn't maintain 30fps framerate. But rage hd does all at 60fps

dark-hollow2668d ago

That would be infinity blade.

teedogg802668d ago

An on-rails shooter running 60fps. That's some amazing feat right there.


Spitfire_Riggz2668d ago

Yeah even if it was very quality we all know it would be a tiny game in terms of maps

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Sanii2668d ago

It's not going to be long before phone gaming overtakes this gen of consoles graphically, especially with these new quad core cpu's coming out later this year.

Parapraxis2668d ago

You do realize that portable gaming graphics are working on a completely different scale right?
Output any of these games to a big TV and see how they cut it.

Tachyon_Nova2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

iPhone 4 runs at 960x640. The majority of console games run at 1280x720. That is 614,400 pixels vs 921,600, in other words not that different when you consider my PC runs everything at 4,096,000 pixels...

I understand that making the screen bigger will make low res textures more obvious, but screen size has nothing to do with performance, that would be resolution which is we found is not much different between phones and consoles.

sack_boi2668d ago

blow up an Iphone/Ipad game on a 50" and see how it looks

_Aarix_2668d ago

Well games like real racing dont look bad since they support anti aliasing

evrfighter2668d ago

that's the same argument I use against console gamers. 720p and less on a 50" would look like crap in a rusty can.

iamnsuperman2668d ago

These games are quite good on mobiles. Modern Combat seems to get the controls right where as BFBC has awful controls and put a bad name to mobile FPS

gravemaker2668d ago

who need fps's on mobiles anyway?

xtremegamerage2668d ago

MW3 on iphone, yet bf3 quality GTFO

It's ok, but seriously who would want to play fps on a

fluffydelusions2668d ago

If it had buttons I'd be interested but touchscreen controls are absolute crap

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