Top Five Reasons Why You Should Buy a 3DS

Daily Joypad's Kelsey writes:

"So lets not lie, I am bit of a Nintendo fan girl and have been since a very young age. So when I saw that the 3DS had to take a price cut so soon due to poor sales I was personally offended. I have now taken it upon myself to convince everyone that the 3DS is a smart financial purchase, and to do that I have come up with the top 5 reasons why you should buy a 3DS."

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NewMonday2672d ago

So far I just want Kid Icarus and the ace attorney professor crossover, but 2 games are not enough, Nintendo need to announce new games, hopefully at TGS

Kee2672d ago

You should buy it because I have one and there's no way you can be as cool as me without having one.

I do recommend you trade your old DS in to get the 3DS even cheaper because as the article says, you can play DS games on it, if you so desire.

One other thing... POKEMON!!!!!!

Venox20082672d ago (Edited 2672d ago )

Good five reasons.. I am waiting for Paper mario, mario 3DS, mario kart, driver renegade, shinobi 3DS, sonic 3DS, bit trip saga, beyond the labyrinth, tekken 3D, kid icarus, luigi's mansion 2, RE:revelations, metal gear snake eater 3D, ace combat 3D, one piece unlimited cruise SP.. and more :)