New screens released for Blades of Time

Several new screenshots have been released by Konami Japan for their upcoming Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 action-adventure title, Blades of Time.

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Snowii2639d ago

blades...of time?

was that even on E3?

banjadude2639d ago

I don't think it was talked about at E3, but I do remember it being discussed before, on several occasions.

HellzAssassin2639d ago

It looks pretty interesting.. and I could always use some more action games :)

Moerdigan2639d ago

actually, it does look a little interesting.

Fade_Walker2639d ago

I hope this is better X-Blades. It's bad when my first thought after trying X-Blades was "How can someone be a treasure hunter and only wear a skimpy bra and some dental floss."