Top 5 Video Game Myths

411 Games look at the Top 5 Video Game Myths.

From reviving Aeris in Final Fantasy VII​ and Bigfoot showing up in Red Dead Redemption to Link using the Triforce in Ocarina of Time, secret areas in GoldenEye and more, the 411 staff ranks their top 5 video game urban legends! Check out the full article to see which myths made their lists and why!

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zerocrossing2586d ago

The Pokemon up + B myth.. I honestly thought that was true, although I had just been holding down B the moment the pokeball incased the Pokemon. I'll still probably do it out of habit, lol.

Ezio20482586d ago

i do that even today!!!!:D

zerocrossing2586d ago

Well if you ask me, my capture rate goes up by 10%,lol.

but I guess its all in our heads ;D

Wintersun6162585d ago

No Mew under the truck in pokemon Yellow myth?

Dark_Overlord2585d ago

Woah, that site needs straightening up a bit, what a mess.

OT the original game design for FF7 included the ability to revive aries, it got cut due to time restraints (as well as a few other things)

ainsz2585d ago

I'd say rockstar pit Bigfoot in RDR because of the whole San Andreas stir up, like as a sort of homage.

ShyGuy132585d ago

Can't read list due to crappy website format.