GamersGate Sale Offers Civ 5 For 10 brings you the latest on the Gamersgate. Civilization V is ridiculously cheap right now and so are a bunch of other great titles. Some are discounted for as little as 1 or 2 bucks. Fill your library, kids!

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Agent-862666d ago

It isn't $10. If you look close at the picture, that price is 10 Euros (it has the distinctive E symbol). When I go to the US GamersGate site, the price is actually $17. Still a great deal, but the title is deceiving.

Daavpuke2666d ago

Deceiving nonetheless? Because we all live in America? I feel a Rammstein song coming up.

Agent-862666d ago

Nothing to do about living in America. The article mentions 10 bucks for Civ 5. Bucks is slang for US dollars (as far as I know, Euros are not called "bucks"). So, one would assume from reading the article, that the author is stating that Civ 5 is $10 US. That is not true and I was just pointing it out. The game is $17 US which makes the title and article deceiving. All the author had to due was say 10 Euros, not bucks, and there would have been no problem.

Quote from the article: "Ten bucks, for probably one of the greatest games ever built; that’s ridiculous."

Daavpuke2666d ago

First off, the article title says Civ 5 for 10-, no currency. But 'bucks' is slang for money; yes Europe has slang for things, they're not all clinical creatures. When people say "a fiver" for instance, it means the same thing, but in their own local currency, be they Euros, Pounds, Crowns or flaming Rupees. Next time I'll use the term "smackaroos" if that's ok terminology for you, sir. Or "bazongas". Or "units of local currency'. Whichever suits your specific fancy. I personally rarely actually call money 'euros' so that won't be an option I'm afraid.