Kojima Launches Tokyo Game Show 2011 Website, Heavy Metal Gear Solid Presence

Just as they do for E3, Konami and Kojima Productions have opened their official ‘Kojima Productions’ Tokyo Game Show 2011 Special Site’. On the site are details on the Tokyo Game Show, which will be held September 15th-18th, and some details on what Kojima will be focusing on at this year’s event.

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notimetobeidle2669d ago

Whoa... Heavy Metal Gear. Ideas are running through my head.

dark-hollow2669d ago

I hope we see some 10 minutes demo of MGS rising

Narutone662669d ago

I thought it was a musical thing. Joking aside, I wonder what do Kojima have in store for us at the TGS this year aside from MGS series. I want ZOE.

MoveTheGlow2669d ago

Notime, I know exactly what you're thinking, and it... is... glorious!

Seriously, they already have enough violence and boobs in MGS, all it needs is a Heavy Metal universe. And Liquid Snake will have an epic beard.

jerethdagryphon2669d ago

give us zoe3 i dont want no remake reimagining or repurposing for hand helds i want zoe3

Pozzle2669d ago

OMG I read that as "Heavy Metal Gear Solid" and was like, "wait? there's a new game?"

Then I realized what they meant :O

T3MPL3TON 2669d ago

All that aside, I think there is a new game, besides Rising.

We all know Snakes story isn't over no matter what, the series wont end until he does. You can't just have him walk away from it all and go rest some where on an island or some crap like that. Snake is a solider and he'll continue to be one, until he dies.

Jack_DangerousIy2668d ago

Eh, although I'm sure Kojima could find a way to make a new Old Snake game. But I personally liked the idea of him going off with Otacon and just chillin for once in his life before he dies. I just personally would not want it like that.

If the main character were to be Solid Snake, I would prefer some kind of prequel. Maybe set when he first starts noticing the accelerated aging.

I don't know lol. But I'm sure Kojima will do just fine without my input. ;)

T3MPL3TON 2667d ago


Yeah, I just know that Hideo treats snake like his child. I don't see him building him into this great and glorious solider to end it with nothing more than Snake Otacon sitting on an island sipping Maui Thais, you know?

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