EA blocks Forza 4 getting Porsche "This kills me," says Turn 10 chief

EA has blocked Turn 10 from including Porsche in upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive racing game Forza 4.

"This kills me," said creative director Dan Greenawalt in an interview on (since removed, but reported by IGN).

"While Forza Motorsport 4 will feature RUF, it will not include Porsche cars. As many of you know, since the beginning of the Forza franchise, the Porsche license has been available only through a sub-licensing deal with EA.

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newleaf2668d ago

Shouldn't have made Forza more popular than need for speed on xbox 360. Now EA are having a b!tch fit. Shift 2 didn't do wonders even after all that trash talking they did aimed at Forza 3 and GT5?
I'm not even going to console myself by saying they have RUF, only a moron or extreme fanboy would convince themself that RUF are any sort of good substitute for the real thing. I'm also not going to diss Porsche and pretend it isn't a big loss because it is, it is a massive loss. I remember GT fans pretending it wasn't a big deal but they were not fooling anyone.

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Dee_912668d ago

they aare just salty shift 2 was shit
and newleaf
its obvious you dont know shit about cars because only an idiot would think tuned porshe isnt a good substitute for normal porshe

MintBerryCrunch2667d ago

Clarkson said it best

"glorified beetles"

the guy Porsche who first began work at VW and made the beetle went on and founded his own car company and today we have what most of us know as the Porsche car company

ARBitrator2666d ago

My response to this is simple for me. I will be taking a pass on anything in the future from EA as far as racing games go. Otherwise...Moving on.

MariaHelFutura2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

Porsche should be in every racing game, as far as im concerned.

Projekt7tuning2667d ago

@ MariaHelFutura
Considering the Porsche 911 is the most versatile race car ever made, I totally agree with you. Porsche is the most winning mark in history.

I am a huge fan of all the racing sim games, and the lack of Porsche has always pissed me off. Forza didn't block the GT series from having Porsche, Ea did. Remember turn 10 had the rights to Ferrari, and they let GT5 use them for this exact reason. Read the interview again, they even mention that very fact.
GT, and Forza are two of my most beloved games on consoles. The car manufactures should be begging for their cars to be included, and prevent a company like EA from doing something like this.
Also if your really into sim racers, try iRacing on the PC. Its the closest I've found to the real thing.

Soldierone2667d ago


Correction, Turn 10 had rights to Porsche on XBOX and PC ONLY. Not PlayStation. Since they don't develop for PlayStation that would be stupid. The quote notes they shared it with EA, in hopes that EA would return the favor.

I highly doubt if Turn 10 and PD could go at it either company would share that easily.

However I do agree. When it comes down to it, auto racing is advertising, and being in these games is a massive advertisement. Not wanting to be in one game or another would be stupid.

Kleptic2667d ago

I though Electronic Arts has had 'exclusive' rights deal to Porsche all the way back to the original "road and track presents: Need for Speed" in the mid 90' well as held rights to pretty much all exotics...

which later was described as to why the original Ps1 GT games never received those cars...

I haven't followed it much since...and agree that Ruf isn't really a substitute, despite the fact that they in their own right are truly exotic cars (much more so than any base level Porsche's, and will stand toe to toe with Porsche's best on any given track)...they simply don't carry the heritage that Porsche does...

but to those saying 'Porsche needs to let more games use their name' simply...don't...Porsche, at least over the past several years, has been THE most profitable production car company in world...They have no trouble putting up waiting lists up to a year at times for their more sought after models...a video game...isn't targeting their potential all...

regardless though...this is the slimy video game industry, and their strange corporate dealings with 'real' companies...and has nothing to do with one of the most well known car manufacturers in history...

Lite_ratchet2667d ago

American cars > everything else.

Quagmire2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

Is that why GM filed for bankruptcy and would've been completely gone under had the US Government not bailed em out?

Yeah...get your facts right, tool.

Projekt7tuning2667d ago

@ Lite_ratchet
Yea that Chevy Celebrity was a hell of a car lol. So were those 80s era V8s. What was the 1980 Vett rated at again, 175hp @ the crank?

Every major car producing country has their Gems and turds. If anything I would say the Germans have the edge. Hell, they created the car to begin with.

pixelsword2667d ago

Pinto > everything else!


Miiikeyyy2667d ago

It's hilarious how Americans think their stuff is better than everyone elses.

dcbronco2667d ago


It's amazing that Americans still believe in that American exceptionalism crap.

cee7732667d ago

remember gm back in the 80s was jealous of the grand national because it bested the corvetes of its time they discontinued the gn after the 87 models 1 of the fastest cars in the 80s still a monster til this day

Lombax2667d ago


That's the one thing America is #1 at!

"America!!" *Slams foot down on gas pedal* xD

RioKing2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

You guys just hate on America because half of our country is (mexicans/puerto ricans)lazy & obese, which you obviously envy.....and because we ruined the whole worlds' economy.

Just let it go already!

sikbeta2667d ago

American Muscle Cars are great, we all know that, but they're nowhere near the same level of European cars, I'm a huge fan of German Cars, Audi, BMW and MBenz are at the top...

BlackTar1872667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

you guys above take your American hating somewhere else. Or don't come crying for aid next time something happens.

and i find it funny that most Europeans talk crap about Americans for the exact same stuff they do them selves.My family actually besides mom and dad are from europe so don't tell me i don't know what im talking about you guys are as coincided and headstrong as any US citzen not to mention pretentious in your own right

Scrooge2667d ago

I love cars from all around the world. The Ford GT, 90's Dodge Vipers, and the iconic Delorean are great examples of American beauties. The Porsche 959 is one of the best cars ever made. Beautiful cars can be designed from all over the world! It's a shame that EA had to do this, I say Turn 10 should make Ferraris unavailable in EA's games!

Jonah_Reese2667d ago

You people are prejudice, American cars are still good, sure America didn't make an Overprice Maybach that sells for $8 billion or a Bugatti for $1 million. still have good cars.

llMurcielagoll2667d ago

Chuck Norris > everything else

zag2667d ago


What do you mean America is half full, Spanish is the #1 language in the US right now and there's more Mexicans born in the USA than any other kind of person.

With in the next 5 years the USA will be a Mexican country run by them.

the KKK won't know what has happened, lol.

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nycredude2667d ago


Are you kidding me. RUF ARE Porsches. Only a retard wouldn't agree. They are upgraded to specs mostly better than factory.

gamingdroid2667d ago

***When a chassis arrives, RUF builds their own independent work into the car. Because RUF installs many of their own-made parts (not to be confused with badge engineering), ***


RUF apparently are built from the same parts oftentimes, but not always which obviously doesn't make it a Porsche. Besides a Porsche is a brand....

Dee_912667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

no crap thats what every tuner do
brabus mercedes is still a mercedes
a hennessy viper is still a viper( not a good example but you get it )
a trd toyota is still a toyota
I prefer the stock versions but the tuned versions are great substitute despite what newleaf said

oh yea and apparently they didnt allow driver to use porshe either because there are only ruf in there
( might i add that game will be incredible :D !!!

sikbeta2667d ago

RUF is equivalent of say Nismo for Nissan, although Nismo is part of Nissan, RUF gets the Porsche cars and modify not just the engine also they add custom parts and stuff to enhance the car performance...

McFlu2667d ago

Actually, NISMO is Nissan's in house tuning company, like Mopar for Chrysler/Dodge, AMG for Mercedes-Benz, etc. RUF cars share a very small amount in common with the Porsches they look like. They start out with the chassis and after that, with the exception of the looks of the car, its all done by them, its not even considered a Porsche anymore, that's why the Porsche license isn't needed to have RUF's in games. I don't mean to nitpick I was just trying to help clarify.

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LastDance2667d ago

I didn't know that EA owned Porsche!

NotSoSilentBob2667d ago

Porsche was offered to much money to turn down back in the 90s for the porsche unleashed title.

Shepherd 2142667d ago

EA owns the rights to use Porsche in their games exclusively, not Porsche itself.

otherZinc2667d ago

This is the very reason I dont buy EA products. The only EA anything I'm buying is Tiger Woods & Mass Effect. Other than that, Nothing. I used to buy everything:Every Madden, NCAA Football, Basketball, etc. When the NFL deal is over, I'll be open to buy more.

Forza is to detailed, this wont hurt them at all. And, Need For Speed can keep Porsche & a terrible game.


Bonobo123452667d ago

but they do make great games..

I personally would not miss out on Mirrors edge, battlefield bc2 and 3, Fifa, Mass effect and many more, also SKATE FFS!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is not a more difficult company to hate.

(Not forgetting all the great last gen games as well).

CoryHG2667d ago

So what you're saying is Turn 10 is cheap or EA is asking too much? It does bother me porsche isn't in the games b/c we miss out on the Porsche super car and some other models.

lategamer2667d ago

"For Forza 4, we were looking forward to adding even more Porsche cars, and we were especially looking forward to featuring multiple Porsche experiences in our new Autovista mode. In the end, however, EA couldn't see their way towards collaborating again."

EA doesn't want to collaborate. It's not about money, its about N4S: Shift vs Forza and Gran Turismo.

MostJadedGamer2667d ago

It doesn't make much sense to help a competior unless they are paying you enough money to make it worth it.

STREET x KING2667d ago

but turn10 lets everyone use ferraris in their games even though they have the license for them..
EA sucks!!

skrug2667d ago

Turn10 only has license for ferrari on xbox and pc.

jerethdagryphon2667d ago

that sucks exclusivity for cars shouldnt be not wholesale brands like porche

they were missed in gt5 and will be more missed in forza4

if ea thinks shift has anything on either there mistaken

SilentNegotiator2667d ago

I want more semi/pseudo-realistic racing games that aren't about catering to stupid brand names and more about balanced and varied gameplay.

showtimefolks2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

so why would they change for turn 10.

how long is this contract with EA and Porsche? like how many more years left under their deal.

I would love to have Porsche done in GT and for xbox360 only owners done by turn 10 for forza

but i understand EA's point of view they have something exclusive and they use Porsche a lot in NFS series but sucks for rest of us who play other racing games

Hanif-8762667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

If EA didn't do it, someone else would... pointing fingers >>>>Microsoft ;-)

Peaceful_Jelly2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

RUF are customized Porsches you moron. Is like saying: Nissan Nismo, Honda Spoon or Toyota TRD but unofficial.

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The Meerkat2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

Well this news helps me choose between BF3 and MW3.

Its such a shame that I'll have to give EA money for Mass Effect 3.

Edit: I mean I will not be buying BF3, NFS etc. and will reluctantly buy ME3. F### YOU EA!

Especially because Turn 10 allow everyone else (including EA) to use Ferrari.

ilikegam3s2668d ago

EA publishes BF3 too, so what are you on about giving money to EA for ME3?

Hufandpuf2668d ago

They won't care about losing a customer, i for one am not going to punish myself because a whole different game and company didn't get what they wanted.

Yi-Long2668d ago

... yet you will buy MW3, from Activision, who are even WORSE....!?

NuclearDuke2668d ago

Activision isn't worse than EA.

bumnut2668d ago

They are worse, they even believe COD is worth an extra £5 over every other game.

EmperorDalek2668d ago

While I don't like the price of DLC for COD, I would say that EA are a lot worse Activision for the fact that they created the online pass (or made it big), which was not done well at all.

Also, at least they don't close down game servers 2 years after release, unlike EA.

radphil2668d ago

"Activision isn't worse than EA."

Really, cause they rammed GH and Tony Hawk into the ground so much that they went close to the core of the Earth.

Also look into the background of Robby Kotick. You'd see the correlation between him, and the companies he's been with.

gamingdroid2667d ago

EA are douchebags towards not only their competitors, but also their customers as EA graciously:

a) introduced online pass to the industry

b) deletes your digital games purchased and your entire account if you are inactive on Origin

c) prevents you from accesing your games on Origin if you get banned from any of EA's site

d) has utter nasty DRM, remember Spore and number of times you could install a game. Heck, this was true of what is now Origin a short while back

e) the Origin EULA allows EA to act like spyware while rummaging your hard drive for software history and share it with third parties with no option to even opt out

.. and to those who hate Activision

f) EA essentially introduced annual game releases

g) and also cut out competing sports game brands with their exclusive deals

h) choose to run their own game servers (from MS) so they can shut it down at will!

.. and to their comeptitors:

i) they throw insults after insults even after the competition is responding in a polite manner. Can you believe that?

j) they want competitors games to "rot from the core" so EA can win, not because EA are making a better game

Tell my why again, Activision is worse than EA?

RustInPeace2667d ago

Come on, droid. I've seen you copy and paste that same thing multiple times in other EA-related articles. At least just type the extra crap you add every time instead of posting the same (*new and improved) rant...

Everyone's greedy- EA with the online pass & Acti for making what use to be $10 DLC into $15 with no extra additions to show for that hike. (Plus, if you look close at some videos already for MW3, a LOT of maps are 100%recycled, name and all, or change the name but the entire map is exactly the same...... Or how about the $45 people spent collectively so far (at least 1 or 2 more packs coming) on maps that are just blatantly put into MW3 as their Spec Ops mode?)

AzaziL2667d ago

Comparing who is worse between EA and Activision would be like comparing which cartel is better for Mexico, they both equally suck. I still can't forgive EA for destroying NFL 2K not by making a superior product at a better price point, but by spending billions to aquire the rights to make NFL games. Then they tried it for every sport they could.

In all honesty, I'm surprised they havn't bought out the FPS genre yet by getting exclusive licenses for the guns. Imagine if they did and the only place to find authetic weapons would be Battlefield. Sounds like a good thing now, but once EA knows they have the consumer by the balls, expect them to put as much effort into the game as Activision has done with the past few CoDs.

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Blaze9292667d ago

Actually EA wasn't allowed to have Ferrari in Hot Pursuit 2. I'm
Not sure about SHIFT2 - but to me this just sounds like them
Getting payback or getting equal.

Who gives licenses for cars though? All this exclusive bs has to stop. Next up GT will own the license for Mazda or something.

ndl15312667d ago

first of all dice is making BF3 not EA and while EA is publishing it its dice that deserves the credit thats why i will be picking up BF3 dont give a $hit if they are with EA or activision or whatever.

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GT_Ken2668d ago

The worst part of this situation isn't the exclusion of Porsche in Forza's that it will start a trend that will hurt ALL racing games.

EA has drawn a line in the sand, and now Turn10 will have no (financial) choice but to stop allowing EA to use Ferrari. Before you know it, all of these racing games are going to be stripped of this brand, or that brand.

Sad, EA.

thrasherv32668d ago

So Turn 10 does own Ferrari? Damn, I really hope this shit doesn't snowball. Really could change the future of racing games.

JoGam2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

STOP THIS ISH EVERYONE. You guys act like EA never did this before. They did this with NFL. This practice aint new. Cut this ish out. Everyone does it in some form or fashion. MS does it with COD DLC. Sony does it with their exclusives. Everyone does it.

Jamaicangmr2668d ago

Licensing and owning are two different things. How does Sony do the samething with "THEIR" exclusives?

Licensing is being granted to right while owning means it belongs to you.

FunkMcnasty2667d ago

Wrong. MS has CoD DLC as timed exclusive. It always releases for other platforms a month or 2 following its release on 360.

And not all publishers own the rights to a real-world manufacturer that they keep exclusively for their games only. And if that was a trend in the industry, dont you think that Activision would buy the rights to weapons made my Colt and Remington, so that they can exclusively be the only publisher of FPS games that offer the M-4, M1911, and Mk17 SCAR in their games??

Perjoss2668d ago

Good job Mario's kart does not really have a brand name or else he'd be screwed.

vortis2667d ago

Oh my gosh...bubbles, man...bubbles.

I laughed so hard...

Instead of racing on the track Mario will be on the side of the road with his thumb out as a hitchhiker saying..."It's-a-me, Mario!"

jerethdagryphon2667d ago

true if ea stops gt and forza having porche, which they did, then forza retaliates with no ferarris, for ea ea goes to court fights that on grounds of balence or somebs forza pulls ferrarris from sony as well, sony would respond by aquiring exclusivity for another brand and pulling the same stuff until noone can drive anything

exclusive models i can handle forza 3 lambroghini revington exclusive not brands

skrug2667d ago

Turn10/Microsoft only has the license for Ferrari on Xbox and PC only.

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earbus2668d ago

This kills me says it all those turn 10 guys love cars ,i still have them in f2 and f3 so ill survive but years ago it was common place to get a RUF in a car game,just lucky for me im more of a fan of japenese cars than european or american unlike my games or consoles.

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