Twilight Star Hints At Possible Twilight RPG talked to Bronson Pelletier, who said there might be a non-movie based ‘Twilight’ video game in the works.

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malol2304d ago

this should be funny XD

LeShin2304d ago

I'll only consider getting this game if they allow me to be Blade..... ;-)

iamnsuperman2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

Well it maybe the twilight they were going to make (nothing like the books). Non of that menstruation and Edward running around killing things. Blade like.

N4SIR2304d ago

oh sounds great!
can't wait!
maybe you can choose whether you want to be a werewolf or vampire and then you have to level up to pick up the chick!
dating sim rpg FTW!

user8586212304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

100% sure it'll be some shovelware on the iphone

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The story is too old to be commented.