Big-Name Celebrities Celebrate Deus Ex: Human Revolution Release

A bevy of celebrities have showed up at the Roxbury in Hollywood to celebrate the release of Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

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ATi_Elite2465d ago

HAH! Big name my ass!! I have NO clue to as who any of these people are.

Looks like a bunch of C-list stars showing up to get free shite and I'm sure none of them are real Gamers.

pr0digyZA2465d ago

The only person I recognise is Aaron from breaking bad (awesome series btw).

mrmikew20182465d ago

Big name celebrities??? Aubrey from making the band is a big name celebrity?

LightSamus2465d ago

The only person who I recognised that went to that party was former WWE announcer Lilian Garcia thanks to her Twitter comments. Yet she's not on that list and those whoevers are.

DanSolo2465d ago

I'm guessing most of them cannot even pronounce Deus Ex let alone play it ever...

ATi_Elite2464d ago

Hi my name is John Doe and I'm a Big name celebrity and i'm at the "Duce Extra Large" release party!

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