Konami Brings Four PlayStation Vita Titles to Tokyo Game Show

Konami is showing its support for PlayStation Vita at this year's Tokyo Game Show. Impress Watch has the publisher's lineup, and it lists four titles for the upcoming portable.

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Stealth2k2523d ago

if one of em aint suikoden I dont care

Skate-AK2523d ago

I think I read on here that the team got disband years ago. I would love to see a new Suikoden, but then again I don't want what I remember as a kid to be tarnished.

Stealth2k2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

The old team got disbanded but the employees still work for konami so they could just put it together again. Remember the last suikoden was only 3 years ago and the team was together.

The fact that they are co developing 3 rpgs means they want back in

tiffac0082523d ago

Yeah Konami did disband team Suikoden, they haven't been together for 7 years. sob*

Bring back Suikoden! D:

tarbis2523d ago

I hope there will be more PSV games coming from Konami aside from those 4.

Ultr2523d ago

Finally Zone of The Enders footage!! :)

Knushwood Butt2523d ago

Gradius VI.

Konami were developing a Gradius title for PS3, but eventually dropped it. I wouldn't be surprised if it surfaces as a Vita title.

kanedaakira2522d ago

Well if they make a Gradius game for the Vita - I may just go and buy one!

CrescentFang2523d ago

New Little King's Story woohooo Time to gather up my harem once more!

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