New launch screens released for Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Ver.

Capcom Japan has released several new launch screens for the newly-released PSP remastered port for the Playstation 3, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Ver.

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Newtype2666d ago

WOOT. Looking forward to this.

vicofero2666d ago

I really hope there's usa or eu version for this

5119ent2666d ago

I hope so also..but I don't see it happening

xAlmostPro2666d ago

I wouldn't hold your breath. However the japanese will go crazy for this on PS3, which could highly increase the chances of a full scale console title :D

xX-Jak-Xx2666d ago

they need to add shadows and the HUD looks.... BIG! they have to make it a bit smaller then its gonna be HD