Skyrim Same Sex Marriage Confirmed

Bethesda has confirmed that you can marry “anyone” in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

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Hitman07692641d ago

Interesting.. for people who are interested in this type of thing. I'm sure a lot of people will use this when they get bored ! And at least they wont be offending shitloads of gays/lesbians.

LoVeRSaMa2640d ago

Yay, wasn't going to get this game before this, now I will ;D

LoVeRSaMa2640d ago

I am guessing Joking about this game is a touchy subject, either that or homophobia runs deep through the internets =/

Army_of_Darkness2640d ago

Okay people, calm down! No need to pop unnecessary boners.

NukaCola2640d ago

To the Gay Gamers: You're not forgotten

To the Non-Gay Men: Here you go...Lesbians

To the hateful Christians: It's magic so you shouldn't be playing this secular game anyway.

To the Women: Call me.

DragonKnight2640d ago

To this I say: Who cares? Is it really that big of a deal?

Hayabusa 1172640d ago

@LoVeRSaMa "I am guessing Joking about this game is a touchy subject, either that or homophobia runs deep through the internets =/"

So what are you afraid of? It's the interent remember...what are they gona do, BAN you?

ChrisW2640d ago

Peter Molyneux must have been on the dev team.

BattleAxe2640d ago

Too bad the State of New York beat them to it.

tplarkin72640d ago

The image says, "freedom". It should say "tyranny".

ChrisW2639d ago


No... it should say, "Our not so secret political agenda"

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dark-hollow2640d ago

The question is, can a nord marry a beast like kHajiit or argonians???

Swiggins2640d ago Show
OpenGL2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

How is that a troll question? In the Elder Scrolls world they're all anthropomorphic and usually own homes and businesses.

smilydude132640d ago

That whole "can't tell if troll or just stupid" statement has become criminally overused at this point. It's incredibly annoying seeing people regurgitate memes over & over again. Please stop it.


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xabmol2640d ago

lol That's pretty funny.

And hey, smilydude, that's all people do. Do you even know what a meme is? You enjoying that english language there, bub?

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Cpt_kitten2640d ago

well instead of trying to debate trolling

in the elder scrolls novel a breton is married to an argonian so i don't see why they wouldn't allow you to marry mixed races

good book by they way if your an elder scrolls fan go pick it up

Bebedora2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

Hey, Walowitz in TBBT was, and I paraphrase:'

'clicking the brains out of a sluty troll under the bridge of tortured souls'

If you cant marry the...uh..THING, why not enjoy eachother.


Pillville2640d ago

I don't think you people get that Rainbow-Dash was trying to be funny.

He was replying to the meme complaint with a meme.

Swiggins2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

^ Thank you, someone gets it.

Hey sometimes the joke flies, sometimes it goes down in flames.

Bonobo123452640d ago


your like 5 years too late with that joke.
lurk moar

smilydude132640d ago


And? His "joke" wasn't terribly funny or witty. All it did was demonstrate his ability regurgitate memes, again.

MsclMexican2640d ago


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fr0sty2640d ago

Either way, it'll end up a no sex marriage.

Tired2640d ago

It's funny coz it's true! I wonder if after you get married they start nagging you not to go out on so many quests and ask what time your coming home....and then ignore you if your late.

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JellyJelly2640d ago

@turgore - Pretty sure it was arrogance and cowardice.

ChrisW2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

Maybe they'll have a Hot Coffee-like mod hidden in Skyrim...

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NealCaffrey2640d ago

Now I will not buy this game.

DaTruth2640d ago

If you decide not to marry same-sex in your playthrough, than your copy will not have same-sex marriage in it!

My copy of the game won't have same-sex marriage in it!

Cagnazzo822640d ago

Matt Bomer (aka Neal Caffrey) is gay.

Just thought I'd throw that out there :)

Pillville2640d ago

Then maybe you should exit life as well, there's same sex marriage here too.

JsonHenry2640d ago

Good, cause my female build will be doing some hot lesbo action.. NOT!

Oh well, I am happy they added this for the people who would prefer it. Not my cup of tea though.

Etseix2640d ago

yours not?

MINE will.


subtenko2640d ago

*waits for controversy and protest regarding same-sex marriage in video games*

I bet you it will happen...It RE5 was gonna get sued for having too much black people in a game...nothings too ridiculous to happen now.. :/

Agree or Disagree if you Agree

zeal0us2640d ago

I just want to make babies and disown them....if possible

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ElementX2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

I hope Bethesda doesn't go Bioware... the quality of Bioware RPGs is seriously going downhill. Just look at the graphics in Dragon Age and pulling RPG elements from Mass Effect 2 to make it a third person shooter.

Tony P2640d ago

That's already happening and has been for some time.

Now, they aren't disturbing the major elements that give the series its uniqueness. But like many recent RPGs, they have been conforming to popular trends and precedents to obtain that elusive "wider audience".

Whether you notice or care about the changes I guess depends on what you value in an RPG like TES.

Micro_Sony2640d ago

Elements - Your comment always comes up when someone says Bioware.

I think the problem comes from people who play JRPG's and expect every other game to have some of those same elements. WRPG have a different spin on RPG's and fans here love it.

Mass Effect is a scifi shooter what do you expect Bioware to do, add stuff like turnbase battles, CHARACTER Level Ups, Random fights,Majic, SUMMONS......

I love my WRPG like Fall Out,Mass Effect, Oblivion, Fable because they are different.

madjedi2640d ago

Okay what the hell, element is talking about bioware dumbing their games down to appeal to the masses.

At no point did he specify jrpg elements, he stated graphics and rpg elements being removed from me2.

How did you misinterpret this as wrpg vs jrpg issue?

@title Lmao so this is important to some people, gay cross-species relationships in video games. What the hell ever, i'll probably get disagrees, just for not caring about gay's being portrayed equally in games, as regular people ect.

Show me 1 damn retail game where a character's sexuality, actually has some significance relevancy to the gameplay and no god of wars mini games doesn't count.

Until then stop bringing a irrelevant issue(your sexuality) to games, straight or gay it's meaningless in gaming.

ElementX2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

I don't usually play JRPGs. I prefer western style RPGs. I do play a few JRPGs but I really don't like them that much. Random battles (it's getting better), metrosexual characters, and generic plots are a huge turn off. I don't want to watch 10 minute cutscenes, I want to fight orcs, bandits, trolls, and dragons, not f#*ked up looking creatures ala Dragon Quest and most JRPGs.

bozebo2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

Last proper good Bioware game was Jade Empire. ME... It isn't an rpg and is bad as a shooter, though the setting and story were amazing. (thats genuinely the only reason, a very valid reason, anybody could like ME or they havn't played any other RPGs or shooters)

But anyway... on topic.
It's a game - it's just maths and logic creating some pixels and audio. There is no need for any controversy at all.

Bebedora2640d ago

I must agree. Dragon age 1 is not like 2

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Ramas2640d ago ShowReplies(2)
KFox1092641d ago

Makes sense. If a game provides such huge amount of choices and lets your character get married in the first place, then why the heck not?

Ramas2640d ago

becouse in the past all kinds of perverts were burned in fire not marying each other?

kramun2640d ago Show
Ramas2640d ago

i have nothing against gays, but to able to do that in game really sucks, for me it ruines experience just by knowing that same noble knight paladin, can marry some dragon hunter or whatever. This is not normal

MrBeatdown2640d ago

"becouse in the past all kinds of perverts were burned in fire not marying each other?"

Yeah, I hate it when my magical, dragon-filled fantasy games aren't historically accurate.

lMHl2641d ago

this shit just got real