Will Steve Jobs Resignation Affect the App Store?

Last time Steve Jobs had to leave his position the amount of app submissions dropped by 32%! Now that he is stepping down for good there will be a large decrease in app development. If you make apps this is your time to strike!

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iamnsuperman2665d ago

Why its a great place for indie developers to show what they can do.

OT: This in general is a testing time for Apple. A lot of people are wondering if Apple the company has evolved beyond Steve jobs. I personally thinks it has. There succession plan has been going on for years especially with Steve Jobs's health.

swishersweets200312665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

yeah right. long as the dorks of the world that think they are cool because purchasing a 900$ phone and a 500$ walkman.. yes its a fucking digital walkman. That thing you paid 20$ for that played cds or tapes 10 years ago. Start realizing apple is garbage overpriced crap. Just go out and buy the affordable versions other companys make.. its the same freaking thing. People buy apple because its a status symbol for rejects.