Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Quickly Becomes Highest Rated Shooter Of 2011

When Deus Ex: Human Revolution was announced, the world rejoiced (Mostly Nerds), as the Deus Ex series had been long forgotten, or so it seemed. Now it has returned and is better than ever.

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RedDead2671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

Can't really call it shooter only(which is a good thing). There is a certain way Deus Ex is. Shooter/stealth/RPG. What's comparable is...Stalker and Mass effect. To a lesser extent with ME though since there are way less options and stuff than the other 2 and less RPG elements.

I assume so anyway. From what i've heard it is like the first one.

Oh anyway, if you're looking for a Shooter, don't look to this. If you're looking for one of those diamonds that comes along once every few years...get this.

FlameBaitGod2671d ago

Its multiplat so it wont have a biased point of view

dc12671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

I would agree.
Its not a shooter. In fact, the game does it best to not be a shooter. Its a very stealthy futuristic Far Cry (with more options).

Really good game. My only faults so far are:
1- Animation (not CG) is very choppy during cut scenes (most characters have bobble head syndrome)

2- No NG+ (whats up with that? I would have loved to run through the game as a Bad A on the first mission)

joydestroy2671d ago

yeah i compare it mostly to the Mass Effect franchise even though you don't have a squad with you. i think it's better than ME because of the plethora of options.

Nixxes, who did the PC version, failed though. i had to uninstall and re-download and am hoping this fixes my crashing issue. over 7hrs in dude...

DA_SHREDDER2671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

I would compare it to the Mass Effect franchise except for the fact that Dues Ex 2 actually is better than it's predecessor, and also the shooting mechanics and hit detection is way better. Oh and there is actually blind fire!

Don't get me wrong, Mass Effect 1 was a flawed masterpiece, but Dues Ex 2 does everything that ME2 didn't do for me. And that was actually get me wanting to play more. The stealth in the game is almost as good as Metal Gear, and its even better in some aspects.

My only complaint is leveling up takes some time, and there is limitations on how many times you can melee with your character. But thats it! Such a shame Onlive isn't bundling the micro console with this game anymore, cause I would totally buy that version.

Solidus187-SCMilk2671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

Da shredder, this game is deus ex 3. Deus Ex 2 was the worst game in the series. The new DX game lives up to the original and is way better than DX2.

I love the new one, so far Ive been playing it for a while now.

Im really happy with how good the 3rd person cover is. I was worried about them adding it but it turned out great and is cool to be able to play in FPS and 3PS.

kamakaz3md2671d ago

exactly i cant either... but it is the best game of 2011 so far... and better then mass effect

FragGen2671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

+1. My first thought when seeing this, was "since when is this game a shooter?" Author is clueless.

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LOGICWINS2671d ago

GTA4 is the highest rated open world game...yet tons of people, including me think that Saints Row 2 was more entertaining.

I'll reserve judgement on Deus Ex..when I actually PLAY it.

knowledge4lfe2671d ago

gta4 was extremely overrated. but by God the shooting mechanics in saints row 2 were horrible. i couldnt play anymore they were so bad.

LOGICWINS2671d ago

Yeah, SR3 devs have said that they fixed the shooting mechanics though. SR2 wasn't perfect, but the missions and characters were fantastic IMO.

doublebass22671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

my god,you are not comparing apples to oranges man!?Its like comparing apples to a cucamber!!One is trird person sandbox shooter with drivng elements,the other is an action adventure Rpg shoot em up!One has a sahllow gameplay,but fun in many ways,the other is a more complex character developing game,advancing with the way you want,stealth,guns blazing,diplomacy..Failed comparison at best!!ANd rember,2007 when GtA4 was released,there were nt that many good single playing games to beat,only bioshock,which is closer to Deus Ex tahn gta..Being this high at the scoreboard,THESE days,after the numerous games that have been released and are very good,it is an achievment!And btw,Red dead was way better than Gta4 and Saints Row 2,and I hate cowboy theme games! I guess this time Logic did nt win...

LOGICWINS2671d ago

Er..I'm not comparing GTA4 and Deux Ex, I'm providing an analogy using GTA4 to show how good reviews don't guarantee that everyone will enjoy a game.

Geez, you should learn some reading comprehension.

razrye2671d ago

I would love to play it. Should have by now but Game UK messed up again

xkarxfreddy2671d ago

Tomorrow cant come soon enough! :(

chriski3332671d ago

Played it for a few hours now I have to say the game is great and its challenges u to think ur every move

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