Prey 2 Mission, Character, Level-Design and Tommy Details Emerge - AusGamers

AusGamers recently conducted an interview with Human Head Studios' Chris Rhinehart about all things Prey 2 and came away with more details on Tommy's place in the new game-world, how the mission structure will work, the evolution of parkour controls and how they affected level-design, and much more...

From the interview:

"So with Prey 2 we had the opportunity of taking the player someplace new; exploring another part of the Prey Universe. So very early on we knew we wanted you to be a different main character. We wanted to tell another story in the Universe. I mean Tommy's still part of the game. Tommy's not cut or anything like that, he has an integral part in the story for Prey 2 -- not just a cameo, doesn't just show up; he's an integral character..."

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earbus2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

Cool i guess all the purists will come out and boycott it like devil may crys change of hair lol i want progression as long as nothing changes ha ha, most fans this gen seem hung up on getting hd remakes talk about devolving the industry.

frelyler2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

U obviously don't know what u r talking about when it comes to dmc. It is no longer 60 fps with fluid frenetic combat. It is now a 30 fps slower hack n slash game that is being made by people who have not proven they can do the type of combat dmc requires. Think if prey 2 no longer took place in space and instead you played as tommy's grandfather who goes on a hike on earth looking for a pretty flower. Wouldn't u b like wtf? That is the level of change dmc is experincing and you really shouldn't make remarks about things you have no idea about. Dante is an icon in the industry, it's like messing with mario's design, u simply shouldn't mess with it bc everyone knows and loves the charchter. Imagine if they made him an emo douchebag. The developers can claim all they want he is not emo, but I call it when I see it and I see an emo freak.