PSA: Deus Ex AE Soundtrack for PS3 Requires Computer with Blu-ray Drive

Thinking of picking up the Augmented Edition of Deus Ex: Human Revolution on the PlayStation 3? Here’s a fun fact. The bonus “DVD” that’s included, despite having “DVD” printed on the disc itself (and the back of the box), is actually a Blu-ray disc.

“But my PS3 is a Blu-ray player! What’s the big deal?” you might ask. You may be annoyed to find out that while you can access the videos included using your PS3, the soundtrack will not work. You can attempt to select it from your PS3, but it will promptly tell you to put the Blu-ray disc in your computer to retrieve the files.

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Burning_Finger2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

Rip it on your PS3 then transfer it to memory stick or drive... Problem solved.

sarshelyam2609d ago

Somebody didn't quite read the details did they? YOU CAN'T!

KingSlayer2609d ago

Yup. The guy who supposedly mastered it as a DVD says they are just MP3 files and should play in your PC. Now he's looking into it. Probably a pressing mix up, especially if the disc says DVD and it's a Bluray.

"Originally Posted by jaycw2309 - The bonus disc is actually a dvd, not a bluray (well i mastered it as a dvd).. you can put this into your pc fine.. the soundtrack is MP3 files so you can put them onto your ipod etc"

sarshelyam2609d ago

The actual disc art says nothing to its format, but in investigating the actual data surface, it's apparent it's a Blu-Ray.

badjournalism2609d ago

The fine print on the disc actually says DVD...

Jeff2572609d ago

Well if I did pick up the augmented version I wouldnt have an issue. I have a Blu Ray drive in my laptop and desktop. But for the majority who don't have that option I can see why this would suck.

DigitalRaptor2609d ago

I too have a laptop with a Blu-ray drive and the Bonus disc obviously worked, but that's not because it's a Blu-ray disc, because it isn't.

I just tried my Bonus disc (which is labelled as a DVD-ROM) on another laptop with a DVD-drive and on my DVD player. Both worked.

I could access the soundtrack and everything.

Ethereal2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

Well that blows...I have a friend with a BD drive.

DeleteThisxx2609d ago

Oh well, torrents to the rescue.

banjadude2609d ago

Very weird... S.E to comment?

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The story is too old to be commented.