Analysis: GameStop's OnLive Box-Out Hints At Greater Digital War Exclusive

Gamasutra editor-in-chief Kris Graft examines how GameStop's decision to remove streaming game vouchers from packaged games indicates how the old guard fears "fast-movers who have the technology, business savvy and agility to flip the boat."

Game 'Stop' indeed.

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MAULxx2671d ago

Good ol Gamestop!
I don't buy a thing from them anymore. I just can't stand their buisiness practices & last time I visited their store the manager or whoever he was just spouted on about Gamestop. I guess they just trained him well but it's annoying when you would like to talk to a fellow gamer & he turns out to be some corporate mouthpiece.

I just don't step foot in there anymore.

pinkyxyz2671d ago

This is completely illegal and I hope they get sued out of their asses. Pathetic company is pathetic