Media Create software sales (8/15 – 8/21)

"For the first time in a long time and probably last time until Dragon Quest X comes out, a Wii game has claimed the top spot. Well, I say this even though all signs point to a Wii-U transition for that game. Heck when was the last time we even heard anything about DQX anyway?" -PSLS

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doctorstrange2643d ago

PSP is always going strong, I wonder how the Vita will effect it.

knifefight2643d ago

Hard to say. PSP has been the #1 selling system every week except for a small handful of seemingly isolated incidents for like the entire past year and a half. Vita will be a monster in Japan but I wonder if the PSP will slow down. Can the Vita play UMDs? Mom and pop game shops are alllll over the place here, so UMD slot will be a factor. Nobody downloads in Japan.

doctorstrange2643d ago

That surprises me. Ah well, there's always the NVG card.

knifefight2643d ago

Well I say "nobody" but of course I mean "only a small number of people." The entire PSN downtime, the only place I heard about it was from Westerners online. No on here even knew what I was talking about when I'd ask about it. I asked college kids, high schoolers, and adults alike and no one had realized the PSN was down. This was like at least a week into the ordeal @[email protected]

BigWoopMagazine2642d ago

Does it really matter if PSP slows Vita sales down? I mean, either way the profit goes to the same people. Sure, some journalist will go "oh, DS is still beating Vita," but Sony will be going "Damn, we're raking it in from all angles!"

stormeagle62643d ago

DQX is going to be on Wii?

Stealth2k2643d ago

"when was the last time we even heard anything about DQX anyway?"

irrelevant since its going to be at tgs........

knifefight2643d ago

Is it? Where'd you hear? That's cool though, thanks for the info! Link anywhere?

Stealth2k2643d ago

The dq anniversary collection comes out the same day as tgs which has the footage on it. Its putting 2 and 2 together

Knushwood Butt2642d ago

You heard it here first! Exclusive!!

LostTokens2643d ago

I demand Dragon Quest X. /dalek