CNET - Sony to launch Sony Entertainment Network?

Christopher MacManus writes: Sony's various content distribution services may soon be operating under a new, unifying name, CNET has learned. The Japanese electronics giant currently operates several entertainment stores, such as Qriocity, Sony's streaming music and video service; PlayStation Network; and others. Several sources tell CNET that Sony may roll out a new name for those services during IFA 2011 next month in Berlin. That name is currently known within the company as "Sony Entertainment Network," or SEN.

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-Alpha2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

I thought this or something to this effect was already known...

RememberThe3572642d ago

I didn't know about it. Either way I think it's a good idea. I don't know about wrapping the PSN into that but we'll see what happens. They need a better music and video service, thats for sure so hopefully this will be an improvement.

Burning_Finger2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

Playstation Suite??

sinncross2642d ago

Ps suite is a ps iniative to bring smartphone games to the android market and to the vita.

BrightFalls762642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

I remember in elementary school (mid to late 80s for myself) watching a special our teacher had video taped on the home of the future. It was a special PBS I believe had done with Bill Gates and Microsoft. Anyway, in the house there was a little electronic "box" in the middle of the living room. Gates was showing off this box that controlled the TV, played games, turned on lights, took phone messages, etc...

Sony needs to streamline their services and really make a play for the living room because Microsoft has had their "box" idea in the works for decades and within the next year you will see Windows 8 and Xbox being very closely tied. Why else do you think they are offering a free Xbox with a new Windows PC?

Qriocity is terrible and although the Zune devices themselves were poorly executed the software is really solid and will continue to grow as an application.

Personally I think Sony has missed the boat this generation as explains why Nintendo is focused on being a game console only.

Parapraxis2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

So what exactly does Live/360 do that the PS3/PSN doesn't?

Here's a few features of the PS3/PSN:
BLURAY/dvd playback with upscaling, streaming, video delivery services (more on PS3), Qriocity audio service, WEB BROWSER, movie/tv rentals, movie/tv PURCHASES (actually owning them), SHARING content on 5 systems, being compatible with any BT headset, being compatible with other manufacturer peripherals (ie the xbox camera), Cross platform play with PSP, Video Chat...I could go on.

Do you REALLY think 360/Live does more?
Maybe at the start of this gen, but not now.

BTW, I know the capabilities of the 360 as I own one, just pointing out the absurdity of you saying things like "Sony has missed the boat this generation", the boat may have been a bit late, but it's sailing high now.

BrightFalls762642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

I think you missed my point as did all those who disagreed with it:

I own a Sony Bravia 60" TV, Sony Surround Sound Blu-ray Home Theater, Sony DSLR a55 camera, Sony Handycam, Sony Walkman, Fat and Slim PS3 and use Sony Vegas and Sony Acid a lot in my own work. So I'm a Sony fan. I'm typing this on a $3,000 custom Sony Vaio laptop and have all-in-one Sony desktop as well.

My point is that Microsoft is creating a seamless experience across Windows 8, Xbox and Mango. My Sony Vaio running Windows connected to my Xbox on my Sony Bravia synced to my Windows Mango phone is all the proof I need to show how far Sony is falling behind.

This article was about their network and the integration of that network. Your reply was in large part about peripherals. Sony isn't sailing, they are tacking on features.

gaden_malak2642d ago

So basically you expect Sony to create their own OS?

lalalala2642d ago

@3.1.2 - Sounds like it, which would be the biggest mistake ever, it is incredibly hard to launch a new OS and get people on board, even MS has difficulties and that's with millions in advertising, and millions of Windows users.

RememberThe3572642d ago

People are disagreeing with you because your saying something positive about MS, don't read too much into it.

I think your right and what your telling them to do is what they're trying to do now. It's just a long process of getting all these products to work together around the same framework. Howard Stringer has commented many times on how ridged a company Sony is, and that doesn't change over night. He's changing the culture there and thats not an easy process to go through.

Sony seems to have all the pieces in place like Parapraxis pointed out, but now its about unifying all those pieces and getting them to work seamlessly together. Sony needs to do this right though. People seem to look over how crappy the 360 software is (Netflix pops into my head) and I don't think Sony fans will let Sony drop a rushed product/service on them. Plus Sony seems to do their best work when they put in the right amount of time and are mathematical with their products. White washing doesn't seem to be their forte.

More concisely, what I'm saying is that what your looking for from them they are working on, just give it time.

GrandTheftZamboni2642d ago

I disagreed with him because that "box that controlled the TV, played games, turned on lights, took phone messages, etc... " didn't live up to the expectations. I tried many times to use a PC as a phone answering machine, fax machine, home automation system and what not. It was pretty crappy at that. I don't want my console to be anything other than an entertainment appliance (games, movies and music).

Evolve2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

I don't understand, in the pic it says
"Sony Network Entertainment ?"

and the post title says "sony Entertainment Network"

so?!, which is the right one ?

earbus2642d ago

Sounds like they have too many divisions doing the same thing they should unify them all, too busy buying devs at the flea market lol.

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