Gamer Euphoria: Toy Soldiers Cold War Review (Xbox360)

Oozing of nostalgia Toy Soldiers Cold War builds upon the foundations laid by its predecessor. While the setting may of jumped from the trenches of World War 1 to the Cold War (with the slight change that the Cold War is far from cold) the gameplay hasn’t changed a bit bar some minor additions. Playing much like a tower defence game Toy Soldiers combined fast paced action with more player interaction that most tower defences games. Allowing the player to take control of any of their placed turrets (and in some cases units e.g. tanks, helicopters) has always been an appealing game mechanic Toy Soldiers had on offer and Cold War improves on the mechanic by adding more interaction and tighter controls on interactive units. The interactivity of the units adds a certain sense of variation to the core gameplay, without the variation the game would of easily sank into the pits of repetition.

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