'Infamous 2' Review From Project-Blu

Infamous 2 represents a polished game, but still lacking in design. The universe itself is very interesting, the gameplay is great, and it looks gorgeous, but they haven’t quite cracked the puzzle in terms of making a game that takes advantages of all the great strengths it has. The story doesn’t quite come together, and the missions just aren’t worthy of the system they’ve set up. It just doesn’t quite coalesce into something that truly shatters the genre, even if the pieces are pretty much all there. That said, this is a very good game that will keep you entertained for the time you spend playing it. Unlike Infamous, you’re now a human capable of greater destruction, and that’s worth a playthrough at least.

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mendicant2643d ago

I'd give it a 7 personally. I didn't like it that much, I enjoyed the first one more.

Sticky__Rice2643d ago

I actually liked Infamous 2 a lot more than the first. I enjoyed all the new elements they added, and the conclusion left me at awe (:
I would've given it an 9. But Everyone has there opinions.

zeddy2643d ago

the story wasnt as good as in the first one but the game itself is very enjoyable and its quite a long single player campaign, plently of stuff to do. but i didnt like the new cole, cant understand the decision for changing him.

BrightFalls762643d ago

Infamous is a series I want to like, I enjoy the mechanics of leaping and climbing but the game itself is just not compelling. The missions are redundant, the voice acting is horrible, pedestrians are oblivious, etc...

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