Skyrim: Get Up Close with the Collector’s Edition Dragon

While it may seems a rip off to purchase the Collector’s Edition of Skyrim due to the fact that it uses a cheap plastic for the collectable figure, looking at the these new screenshots of the dragon may convince you enough.

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Lucreto2641d ago

I already have a place picked out for the statue.

majiebeast2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

Most overpriced Collectors edition is either between this or warhammer space marine. Such a ripoff compared to reach legendary,Infamous 2 CE,LBP2 CE,Deus ex Augmented CE,Killzone 3 helghast edition.

Ser2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

That "cheap plastic" is called "pvc."

Many collectibles statues and figures use the very same material. You shouldn't even be interested in this unless you're a collector.

I can't wait to pick mine up. :)

Cpt_kitten2641d ago

indeed,going to be most excellent, just like the game

despair2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

so you actually think that its worth the $150, saying PVC does not mean its worth the price, neither is saying its for collectors. Even if the Statue is great quality its just not worth that price, there isn't even much else to warrant it. Its a poor CE that just takes advantage of people love for the series just to make a little extra money.

Just because its probably going to be an amazing game doesn't mean they're not ripping people off with the CE cost.

I didn't think that Killzone 3 Helghast Edition was worth that price and a couple months later it dropped by 40 Bucks and you can get it new on Amazon now for $52, less than the game alone at launch. Just an example.

Cpt_kitten2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

you do realize that similar statues made of the same material go anywhere between 100+ so it is a steal of a deal......that is one thing nay sayers like you don't realize or even care to factor in about the price

the killzone 3 was not worth the price for a toy that people could lose small pieces easily and a helmet that did nothing but rip off the halo 3 helmet

Ser2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

As I've said, the price is only justified for collectors.

Have you ever heard of Mighty Muggs? They're nothing special - just vinyl dolls painted to resemble popular characters. There's a Venom Mugg that sells for $40-$70 depending on the condition of the box. It's about 5" tall.

Collectors pay high dollar for certain figures, even pvc figures. As a matter of fact, pvc is one of the most common materials for collectible figures.

Yeah, it might drop in price - I'm almost sure it will. But I want mine now. I couldn't care less whether you think the edition is overpriced or not, I'm a collector.

Also, you're getting a coffee table sized art book with over 200 pages of art. That book alone is worth $30-$40.

Game - $60
Book - $30
Statue - $60

Yup, it all adds up to me. That statue being priced at $60 is not outrageous at all. I've paid for things far more expensive that were smaller in size.

It all boils down to how seriously you take your collecting. If you don't take it seriously, what's there to complain about? You clearly aren't willing to pay. Everything is reasonably priced.

despair2641d ago

Maybe its just me but I just don't see it, I guess I'm just wired to see things differently, practical. Hell or maybe I'm just cheap. I don't think its worth it and I don't condemn anyone who wants to buy it but I think the people putting it out are trying to make extra money of fans, and I guess, collectors.

Its not like I haven't bought Collector Editions before and a couple times had regrets after the purchase, it just doesn't seem worth it, and that's just from someone who isn't serious about collecting things like statues but a serious gamer who once in a while likes to get a nice reminder or token of a great game...isn't that who these, ill named, Collector Editions should be for, the fans of the game not the statue.

Lavitz19892641d ago

ill pretty much dig this since I'm a fan of Elder SCrolls ^^

Burning_Finger2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

It needs dragon sword and flamethrower.

WhiteLightning2641d ago

Would of prefered a real Dragon but whatever...this will do

Looks like good quality judging by the pictures

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