Nintendo development rumors that are tough to believe

Pikmin concept coming from an unpublished real-time strategy project? Foundation of Mario Galaxy coming from a purchased prototype? These are the two significant rumors 01Net published today from the site's third Nintendo report. As always, they should be treated as speculation.

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Shackdaddy8362671d ago

01net is so full of crap...

jay22671d ago

Ouch! the under powered console loving companies are being kicked in the pants!

PCE2671d ago

The PS3 isn't entertaining enough to keep kiddies from downplaying Xbox/Nintendo/PC at every opportunity. Ah, I see. :)

DNAbro2671d ago

all the rumors 01net has been putting out this week feels like utter bullcrap. They may have a good track record but doesn't mean they haven't been wrong before.

baker_boi2671d ago

Well I remember a lil game called Super Mario Bros. 2.

This might be false, but Nintendo's track record sure makes it easier to swallow.

mike1up2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

lol. You used track record and Super Mario Bros. 2 in the same sentence.

The author references Pikmin (released in 2001) and Super Mario Galaxy (released in 2007). Super Mario Bros. 2 was released in 1988.

Are you seriously calling out Nintendo's track record between 1988 - 2007? Nintendo innovated more than any of its competitors in that time frame. They also invented the the shoulder buttons (SNES), analog stick (N64), and motion gaming in that time period.

mike1up2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

This is brought up as if the so-called “original” ideas wouldve made the same amount of money as Pikmin and Super Mario Galaxy.

I love how this “information” surfaces now, after all of the success of Super Mario Galaxy 2. Super Mario Galaxy was released in 2007, and i have never heard this rumor before.

And of course, Pikmin is mentioned too. The same Pikmin that Nintendo confirmed to be released at the WiiU launch 2012.