The Past, Present and Future of Co-op

With the original Borderlands, Gearbox presented one of the most seamless, accessible co-op experiences seen to date on consoles. It was great fun playing solo, but the addition of a friend (or three) really served to make it something special. It'll come as no surprise that cooperative play will be a large part of Borderlands 2 as well, so we talked to game design director Paul Hellquist and game designer Jonathan Hemingway about their thoughts on the past, present, and future of this breed of multiplayer.

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WhiteLightning2608d ago

I wish developers would make more games built up around co-op or make a co-op game which is also fun when playing single player as well instead of devs tacking co-op into games where it etheir dosen't belong or just feels forced....I'm looking at you Resident evil 5

scotchmouth2608d ago

I love the approach gearbox took with borderlands. If my usuals aren't online I'll just host a public game and enjoy the people that drop in to loot and grind along with me.

Have had some good experiences this way. I too would like to see more games include a co-op like this.

earbus2608d ago

At first i liked it then all people done was compare guns they had found soon got bored waiting for the actual gameplay to start.

newleaf2608d ago

Gears is the apex of current co-op games

buttclown2608d ago

I was going to make a comment about that, but don't need to. Still though, Gears and Borderlands co-ops have been awesome and with Gears 3 having 4 player this time around, I am sure it will be awesome.

artynerd2608d ago

Gears is fun for the 10-12 hour campaign.

Borderlands is 5x as in-depth, and you'll want to play every side mission and story mission with 3 other people and start a new 50-hour campaign as soon as you beat it.

Borderlands is the apex of current console co-op games.

If you want to say games in general, you just have to say World of Warcraft. No comparison.

Empow3rd2608d ago

Diablo II is still the king of co-op gaming and it is over 10 years old(it is still played daily)! Borderlands was just a lame attempt to replicate the golden goodness of Diablo.