First Look: Team 999's New Vita/3DS Adventure

Andriasang writes, "Escape from elevators, bunnies and girls who lie about their cup sizes."

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Zero232588d ago

never played the original but looks interesting.

Xof2588d ago

Here's hoping it gets localized. Though I'm a bit disappointed the premise is so similar to 999, I certainly approve of the more fantastical, surreal elements.

The art style is certainly an improvement over the fairly generic character designs in 999, which is promising.

Venox20082587d ago

999 is awesome.. ghost trick is awesome (capcom) ... play both and wait for this one :)

AWBrawler2587d ago

I didnt kno 999 was localized

Venox20082587d ago

yes, it is.. so run to a shop and buy it.. it's awesome! :)

AWBrawler2587d ago

Sure thing. I was eyeing it at one point.

Lavalamp2587d ago

I really like the character designs. I get a sort of Persona 3 vibe from the portrait with Sigma and Phi together. This'll be a day 1 fo sho!