PS3 Home Boss: Free-to-Play is The Future

James Brightman (IndustryGamers): PS3, having just seen a $50 price cut is enjoying a sales bump, and Sony aims to capitalize on the momentum with a complete overhaul of PlayStation Home this fall. For PlayStation Home director Jack Buser, Home is a "huge differentiator" from other consoles, and historians will look back on Home to note its pioneering efforts in bringing free-to-play gaming to consoles. Indeed, Buser believes the future is in free-to-play.

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donniebaseball2672d ago

I'm not quite sold yet, but if the trends continue, Buser makes a solid point. PS3 is certainly leading on consoles when it comes to free to play style games.

SilentNegotiator2671d ago

A crapload of MMOs are going F2P. It's definitely becoming a strong trend.

Skateboard2672d ago

Free is always good, more money in your pocket. With the economy in this day and age yeah, Free rocks.

Godmars2902672d ago

Except in this case "free" means taste. Things like Home give you a free option in the hopes that once you're hooked you'll pay for paid stuff that comes with it.

That's how it worked with me :p

SilentNegotiator2671d ago

"Free-to-play" games are just the re-marketing of "trials". "Free" sounds better to people; they play and get addicted, then get restricted greatly so that they'll pay just to start using half-decent in-game stuff.

It's not about "more money in your pocket", it's about getting it in tinier chunks so you feel less ripped off.

guitar_nerd_232672d ago

I dunno about that. The only free for play stuff I've played has been half-baked and constantly trying to sell me stuff.

I'd still rather scrape together the £40 and not have my wallet constantly raped to progress.

For big budget games particully if they want to make the transaction sizes smaller I'd prefer episodic content then playing an online shop.

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Gamer_Z2672d ago

I hope Microsoft adopts this kind of notion with xbox live

MasterCornholio2672d ago (Edited 2672d ago )

No they wont. They rake in a ton of money from charging the gold members to play online. And theres no way they are going to convert it to free to play.

Besides XBOXlive is only 60 Euros per year.

Etseix2671d ago

60 euros? WHAT?!

i live in Mexico, here the Euro is around 17 pesos

and live in here is 550 $ ,

60 euros = 1000+ pesos

damn, thats EXPENSIVE o_O

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