Why Does Call of Duty Multiplayer Have So Many Issues?

The Controller Online writes about the on-going multiplayer connectivity issues that exist in the Call of Duty franchise.

"Playing Call of Duty online can be really fun, but what’s not very fun is the battle it takes to just get online and play sometimes. The reaction to this article will probably be split 50/50, with some gamers agreeing with the troubles to get online and the rest arguing they have no problems at all. That’s fine for them, but for the rest of us, it’s extremely frustrating."

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tcoscott2666d ago

Super fun games to play online, but they really need to fix the multiplayer connection issues.

jeseth2666d ago

Plus when you have the most people playing COD more than any other games online . . . its only a matter of time before imperfections are found and exploited.

Games, or anything in life, can have defects hidden simply by the lack of exposure they get.

gameguidedog2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

I concur most wholeheartedly, but i'd refer to the theory "Ping is King".

Lol, "are you telling me to stop pulling the cord in and out"... too much!

meetajhu2666d ago

Coz they don't care. They got the money. They aren't Valve or idsoftware.

JeffGUNZ2666d ago

I live in the north east of the United States and connection issues are slim to none. I still believe a game so popular as this should be run on dedicated servers. No excuses.

All3Consoles2666d ago

I live in NYC. Playing black ops online is 50/50 for me. Some days are good. Other days are bad. And I have an excellent connection. But I think dedicated servers are needed. Yea it may cost more but I think it's time they fork over the money to do so. They made more than enough already. Lol.

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