gamescom 2011: Torchlight II (GameXplain)

GameXplain Says: "Not to slander a job well done, but PR for Torchlight II--an action RPG by Runic Games due later this year-- must be a somewhat easy job. After all, the first game sold over one million copies and its sequel offers several features that even the much-hyped Diablo III won’t have. In Torchlight II you will be able to use and create mods, won’t have to be online all the time, and it will have both multiplayer both online and over LAN. But there is, of course, far more to Torchlight II than this favorable comparison as I learned during this year’s gamescom."

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bearsfaan2642d ago

I'm a solo gamer so I'm not too hazard for multi-player. That said, I'm looking forward to killing lots and lots of bad guys again!

Basjohn2642d ago

If only the PR team would give us more release date information. At this point I horrifyingly have a better idea of when D3 will be out than T2, not mention admitting that the 360 port is delaying the pc release was a poor move and likely cause much unneeded flaming. (That's where you usually lie and tell us you're "polishing" the game)