GameTrailers - Deus Ex: Human Revolution Platform Comparison

GameTrailers: "PC, PS3 and 360 face off: which platform offers the prettiest Human Revolution experience?"

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BakedGoods2609d ago

*SPOILER ALERT*: They look identical.

powerfulally2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Of course they will look alike when you have a p.c version of the game running just like the console version, with the same resolution, and settings not being maxed. Smh. The game is not even using DX11, Tell these Dumb people something! Get a DX11 compatable card you DUMBheads at Gametrailers and also get a real RIG!!!

Ulf2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

The rig has about 2.5x the GPU muscle of the PS3 and 360, and honestly, even high-end GPUs today are only about 2x what this rig can do (4-5x as powerful as the PS3/360). You have to have a multi-GPU setup to get better, and the rig they used is going to be *very* typical for most players.

They look the same because of diminishing returns on GPU horsepower. Resolution and better AA is about all you're gonna get out of a better PC GPU, and both those features are known to have some severely diminishing returns for their expense.

Better quality animations are really the next step up for visual quality, and honestly, there aren't many CPUs that can match the Cell when it comes to animation work -- certainly not the quad-core Core 2 in this rig, and not the Xenon in the 360, which is probably the games lowest common denominator for the CPU.

Not everyone owns a high-end i7, so this rig, as I said before, is a pretty decent setup for the average PC gamer.

powerfulally2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Play Metro 2033 on 360, then on P.C with a rig that can actually play it at max settings with DX11. Its more then just resolution and AA. Its called Tessellation! It makes all the difference!

starchild2608d ago

I don't know why people expect to see much difference on internet videos. Once you see the games on your own display, however, the differences are always quite apparent. Especially between the consoles and the PC.

BattleAxe2608d ago

They all looked pretty much exactly the same. Looks like an awesome game.

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afterMoth2608d ago

This game was clearly gimped on the PS3 due to the other systems. Watch the cut scenes, they are low quality youtube calibur.

REDGUM2608d ago

Agreed. Anyone who picks out any differences has WAY too much time on thier hand and should be playing the game instead of disecting the game. It's great to see finally a game release with VERY simillar visuals. Although probably too technically advanced for me, i'm looking forward to giving it a play.

DA_SHREDDER2609d ago

where's the Onlive comparisons?!

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_LarZen_2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Golden,dark and overall poor gfx on all 3 platforms....

EDIT: And they have clearly not put any extra effort in taking advantage of the imense extra power of todays gaming computers....

BrightFalls762608d ago

Both games look great, I had picked up on PS3 but was able to see the Xbox version in person today. Every developer should look at this title on how to do a quality multiplatform game. That means you Mr. Carmack;)

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