Rumor: Xbox 250GB bundle throws in Alan Wake, Gears 2, and 3 more

Joysiq: "Reader Darren Christie tweeted a rather official-looking image of a new Xbox 360 bundle. According to the picture, taken at the Future Shop store in which Christie works, the new package includes a 250GB Xbox 360 console and download codes for five of its biggest games: Alan Wake, Halo 3, Halo Wars, Fable 3, and Gears of War 2."

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LOGICWINS2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

BakedGoods said this a while ago. Just givin credit where its due lol.

EDIT: All that for potentially $299! Damn, MS wasn't kidding when they said they wanted to be #1 worldwide.

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LOGICWINS2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

I think they're ambitious as hell. You can tell that they WANT to be the best..all this results in a fantastic value for gamers.

EDIT: Disagree fairies...LOL!

darthv722522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

maybe to them it works out better to do the download cards. They can proclaim over $150-200 in free software as opposed to lowering the price of the system.

edit: @biggest "All this shows is that they want to SELL the best. Packaging old-ish games with the same system isn't an attempt to get better. It's an attempt to increase sales. "

Nothing wrong with that POV. You figure they arent trying to sell to those who already have the system/games but to those still holding out.


Throw in a 3 month gold sub and you got your self a deal.

Dante1122522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )


Yeah, it's gonna make a killing in Japan and Europe. Watch Japan numbers jump. #1 Worldwide by next year.

Edit: @ infamous

Yeah, the 199 bundle will still sell the most though.

LOGICWINS2522d ago

"Watch Japan numbers jump"

I'd be surprised if that happened. Japanese gamers don't respond to games like Halo and Gears. As far as MS being #1 worldwide, it can def happen if the next Xbox gets the jump on the PS4.

Dante1122522d ago

@ Logic

Yeah probably, if the Wii U doesn't boom like the Wii did. Thinking on it now, MS probably won't jump as much as I thought with this bundle with there already being one priced at $199 as infamous said. Guess I bought into the hype to soon. My bad.

Biggest2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

"You can tell that they WANT to be the best"

All this shows is that they want to SELL the best. Packaging old-ish games with the same system isn't an attempt to get better. It's an attempt to increase sales.

Edit: Awesome deal by the way. Is anyone else offering better? Microsoft has the college PC bundle and now a gamer bundle. Hard to get better than those.

Hockeydud192522d ago

now THAT is a bundle worth buying. The 3D TV with the PS3 offer isn't that bad either.

BakedGoods2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

Hey, much appreciated LOGIC!

Considering most 360 gamers have probably played these titles quite a bit, the bundle's nothing too exciting.

That being said, for any 360 newcomers it's a great collection of solid exclusives.

MrBeatdown2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

Does anybody kid when they say they want to be #1 worldwide?

And @disagrees to my first post...

Really? Nine people here think dropping the PS3 price by fifty dollars exactly two years after the last drop is panic? Wow. I guess people here can't tell the difference between planning and panic.

I can't wait until the news that Battlefield 3 becomes a Greatest/Platinum hit. It will funny watching the same people will chalk that up to panic too.

LadyGaga2522d ago

That's incredible value.

nycredude2521d ago

Take out the halo games, throw in a couple of good live games and one year of live and I'll buy another 360.

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SuperStrokey11232522d ago

I can confirm this in Canada, amazing deal really. 4 or 5 games is a great value.

fluffydelusions2522d ago

I'd buy it if I already didn't have a 360.

SuperStrokey11232522d ago

Dont know why people are disagreeing with me, it really is here in canada...

guitarded772521d ago

Could be a disagree clan getting their lulz or some d-bag troll who typically uses lines like "maybe they just have a different opinion did you ever think of that"... or it could just be people spamming the disagree button because it feels empowering. Anyway, nice avatar hoser.

cochise3132522d ago

I guess this is MS's response to sony's price drop. Well those are some great game though.

TheDivine2522d ago

No this would have taken a while to produce and it was seen around the same time sony announced their drop so either sony got wind of this and got nervous or both are just trying to make a killing this holiday season. I think its just a coincidence.

Supman2522d ago

i would buy one!

towelie12882522d ago

wow thats a deal too bad i already have 3 out of those 5 games but still a deal