Diablo 3 game director: mod support would “add a couple of years” development time

Speaking with Jay Wilson at Gamescom, we’ve already heard bad news for anyone with poor internet connections and thrifty habits, though plenty of good ones for people who want to head online with friends and crack skulls until the cows come home. But what about tweaking and adding your own stamp to the game with a few mods? You’re out of luck, at least officially…

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Mario4life2337d ago

im sure someone will come up with a solution, look at gta4 for a great example, it had no mod tools, but some mods look amazing, never doubt the modding community

evrfighter2337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

lol more like it would add years longetivity to the game. and we can't sell dlc

can't have that in this day and age.

grand master kotick won't allow it.

reynod2337d ago

Looks like grand master Kotick can forget seeing the sales potential too. Not buying any more Activision titles.

shayol33t2337d ago

Yeah, because blizzard has neither the money nor manpower...wait

majiebeast2337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

Translated:With mod support we cant sell 15$ dlc.

NiteX2337d ago

Blizz doesn't do DLC like some console game. They do a little something known as expansions. You know those PC addon games that cost $30-$40? They've only been around since oh I dunno maybe 20 years?

majiebeast2337d ago

Maybe back in the day when they were still independant and not part of codovision.

Basjohn2337d ago


Still the way it is. Look Starcraft 2 or WoW. Blizz are pretty set on the expansion model. They might have made some unpleasant decisions lately but understand that the developers at Blizzard are very different than the CEO board at the Activision/Publishing end and because Blizzard brings in the "big bucks" they essentially get to set their own time lines and terms.

smilydude132337d ago

I'm not sure that's true. Sounds like a cop-out.

Myze2337d ago

IF (big "if") this is true, the are the slowest big name developers out there, because that's ridiculous. Most likely, as most here seem to agree, this is complete BS.

Honestly though, this news doesn't really bother me as long as the game is good and fleshed out to begin with.

grailly2337d ago

I thought it was a known fact that they are the slowest big name developers out there

Basjohn2337d ago

True but also the only long lasting developer with not a single non-AAA game to their name. AAA in result not production cost mind you. Say what you will about their slowness or anal drm, but there is no developer with a perfect track record like theirs.

majiebeast2337d ago

Naughty dog and Valve next!

grailly2337d ago

I'm not complaining, I love blizzard, I still play starcraft 2 every other day. It's really cool that there are devs that can take all the time they want to make their product perfect, money helps with that though, same case for valve, ico team, and the behemoth(?)

ND not so much, they are just very talented

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