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8087h3d1n054ur from TecStories writes: 2011 is killing my wallet.
In case you haven't noticed or have been away from gaming for a while, this is the year of all years to avoid if you are just rejoining the gaming world and wish to still be able to afford food. I had been looking around on the web for a while into what we had to offer in the future at the beginning of the year and my list was already 30 games long. Its August now so lets see what Has happened so far, and what is still going to happen before the Mayans predict us into oblivion, or Skyrim if we're lucky. I've left out all my indie choices just because the list would get too long.

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josephps32607d ago

I got Deus Ex, Rage, Dark Souls, Batman, Uncharted3, Skyrim, Battlefield3 all for just $20 dollars.

Took advantage of Gamestop's trade deals-Trade 3 min $8 games and get it for free.

I traded: Dragon age, Dragon age awakening, mafia 2, god of war collection, civilization revolution, Ninja Gaiden Sigma2, Apache, Demon's Souls, Valkyria Chronicals, Mass Effect2, Dynasty Warrior 6 Empires x 3, can't remember the rest. For Dynasty, I went to another private video game store and traded old games like motorstorm pacific, Killzone2, resistance2 for Dynasty because Gamestop gives you nothing for motorstorm, killzone2 etc but will give you $25 credit for Dynasty. The $20 was because I had to pay a little extra to the private store to make the trade and taxes at Gamestop.

So 7 top 2011 blockbusters for just $20bucks!