Being a True Gamer

What does it mean to be a true gamer in this day and age? Nerds on the Rocks examines why it really doesn't what if you are a true gamer or not.

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Quagmire2641d ago

Imo, a gamer is someone who continues to play games, no matter how big, small, famous, indie, or otherwise.

I dont believe someone who says they "played that mario game one time" or "played Tetris once" and then never games again is a gamer.

My aunt is a gamer, my grandma is not. Why? Coz my aunt plays games every now and again, my grandma? Only once.

Army_of_Darkness2641d ago

A gamer hAs all available consoles otherwise he will be labelled as a fanboy for a certain preference right?! Oh well, I'm on a budget due to bills and partying so I just have a ps3 and that fulfills all my gaming, music and movie needs.

GameTavern2641d ago

I'll never fault a person for only owning one console for financial purposes or because they only need one.

I will do it, if its simply out of blind loyalty to a company, and ignoring everything else out on the market.

NuclearDuke2641d ago

Playing video games on a daily/weekly basis.

dangert122641d ago

A true gamer IMO
Is some one who Is open to most genre's and actually cares about the Industry and the quality of games being released

mike1up2641d ago


I couldnt agree more. What, why, and how another gamer plays does not effect me. So who cares? Im proud to label myself a gamer, simply for the fact that i love video games. I grew up playing them, and i shall grow old playing them.

I try not to label others. I have found that you will always end up sounding stupid and insecure.

schlanz2641d ago

Gamers have a passion for gaming. That is all.

Could be one game, could be one genre, it could be hundreds of games and every genre.

ndl15312641d ago

a real gamer is someone who enjoys other games beside call of duty and madden

GameTavern2641d ago

The whole point of the article... was to curb attitudes such as this.

Enjoying Call of Duty and Madden makes you the same as someone who only enjoys Final Fantasy or Mario or puzzle games.

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