Devil May Cry - GC 11 Creative Direction Interview

Gametrailers: Devil May Cry's creative decisions revealed in this interview from gamescom 2011!

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WhiteLightning2640d ago

Am I the only one who kept thinking "Bullsh*t" everytime he said something.

"It retains everything that made DMC what it is"

............................. "Bullsh*t"

and so on

dark-hollow2640d ago

Hideki Kamiya disapprove this bullshit.

VileAndVicious2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

Hideki Kimiya doesnt care anymore hes moved on.

Check out his twitter feed.

"What’s wrong? U’r complaining about everything they do, aren’t u?"

"And I have had enough of your complaining about that. Tell Capcom. Not me."

To him Devil May Cry has been dead since the creation the the second game. To you all, it died with this one.

If you want his game support Platinum games and try Bayonetta its a very good game

As for this game. This isnt a sequel or reboot as he said in that interview, this is a reimagining of DMC. Much like Ian Flemings reimagining of the James Bond universe.

HellzAssassin2640d ago

You gotta admit... The game actually looks pretty damn cool. Just not Devil May Cry... :[

I mean, I'm a huge fuckin' DMC fanboy, and all my friends here are pretty much aware of that; as I've put hundreds and hundreds of hours into the franchise... After seeing this; I'm honestly impressed with NT has come up with thus far regarding combat. Although, changing Dante's appearance, using the UE with 30fps and so on are quite disappointing. Again, to be quite honest the game is shaping up quite nicely AS AN ACTION GAME, and not DMC. Either way, I'm not purchasing it day one; but I shall most definitely purchase the game later on.

HINDERIZATION2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

The creative director is so full of himself that he modeled Dante after the way he looks. What a tool lmao. And not a very good tool. He's like one of the useless ones that's all rusted and ugly that you don't even want to bother with it. Even the "New Dante" has his scar lol.

Skateboard2640d ago

I love a old fashion lynch mob, where does he live? i got my bat and Swedish fish on me.

The_Quiet_Man2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

Agreed. Tameen is so full of himself, replacing an iconic character with a clone of himself. I'm even more puzzled by Capcom for green lighting the design (they must thing everyone in the west is emo, jk.)

It just doesn't get any better with the new hybrid demon/angel thing & looking like a heroin addict at the same time. How is it possible for him to even look remotely human now given his new heritage? shouldn't he have wings/horns/huffs or a halo?

The more thats revealed about this game the more I cringe,, I can't believe they also ditched the engine they used for DMC4 (which, isn't a bad looking game even by todays standards).

The decisions so far don't seem to be heading in the direction that I'm happy with, I used to be on a DMC forum for a couple of years & most fans wanted either a proper sequel to DMC1 set before DMC2 / or a Vergil return / or a another Nero but with more Dante game & last a game that featured learning more about Sparda or becoming him in a spin off game.

I can't recall anyone asking for a reboot, it was always a sequel people were looking for (if anyone checks out threads on you'll see what I'm on about).

Burning_Finger2640d ago

Now I know where Dante's hair came from. *smh*

The only thing remains, if they are going to make Virgil the same thing.. Edward and Jacobs. LMAO

user83971442640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

After watching the Devil May Cry animated series which it was badass and playing the games, this will suck. Ninja theory sucks. Capcom sucks. Sony Santa Monica would of have made a perf ect DMC.

VileAndVicious2640d ago

I love DMC but that anime was garbage.

The_Devil_Hunter2630d ago

Haha Santa Monica haha, GoWs gameplay is nowhere near as good as DMC, I hate GoWs gameplay, lack of moves and combos.

MrSpace2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

Wern't taken back from the sheer force of SOME of the fans reaction. I think you have like 95% of people who don't like where this is going.

You think "theres a reason where things are going and why he has black hair...the story goes into that". You do realise you idiot that you could of changed the story so you wouldn't have to change his hair, to be honest you could of done this so you wouldn't even need to have this "rebirth".

"It hasn't changed our resolve into what were doing"

Well it should of changed it, Sucker punch listen to what fans wanted in inFAMOUS 2 becaused they cared.

Capcom wanted a new "perspective"....dos en't mean you had to make this crap. What about a new direction for the sequel like how RE4 the added over the shoulder gameplay style.

"It should all fit together and make sense"

What's there to make sense about. Nobody liked it then when you showed it and hardly nobody likes it now. We didn't want a new Dante there were still plot holes and unfinished buissness in DMC.

"It's a little premature to discount it from concept art, screen shots or imagery"

We've seen plenty of stuff includeding trailers and gameplay to make our decisions...moron

I'm sorry but I feel like I want to punch him in the face everytime he opens his mouth and says something to brush off all these people who hate it.

Please guys don't buy this....NOT even to "try it" because your just giving them a happy sale so please if you don't like the look of it, ignore it.

VileAndVicious2640d ago

You do realize that they are employed by capcom right? As in they are contracted to work for them? Im not sure whether or not you have a job or not but your employer or boss asks you to do something you do it. Otherwise you wont have a job. Thats the real world.

Capcom specifically told NT to completely change Dante and the story.
There are video interviews that confirm this.

Your anger and frustration are mis directed

DragonKnight2640d ago

In a sense his anger is misdirected, but in another sense it's spot on. Ninja Theory are MEDIOCRE developers. I mean, don't get me wrong, I own Heavenly Sword and it's a decent game. My favorite part is controlling Kai and getting perfect head or groin shots every time. But Ninja Theory should NOT be allowed near established franchises. They ruin games. They are incapable of making a decent combat mechanic. Their track record is 0-2 and so why Capcom chose them for DmC is a mystery of the universe.

The_Quiet_Man2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

@ VileAndVicious  

The boss Capcom could easily tell NT to add a Real Dante Skin to keep people mildly happy & so they wouldn't have to play as the drug addicted Tameen version.

Too many changes to this game, it looks like a pile of crap so far. I'll happily eat my words if it turns out not to be case as I am or was a fan until recently. Capcom apart from ripping people off with beat'em'ups, seem lost this gen. I think there turning into Sega, once great, now not so much.

PS - I've had boss's ask me to redo work I've finished because they weren't happy with the standard (not often) but it does happen & it also has to be done.

Peaceful_Jelly2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

Capcom told them to give the series a new face-lift and NT came up with all this garbage on their own. I wouldn't have mind the reboot but then NT had to do it on {*&^%$ UE3!

I bet this new Dante looks hideous because of the limitations of the engine. I mean, even the character models on Enslaved couldn't hold a candle to Heavenly Sword. And then add the fact that they dropped the "godly 60fps" of what the series is known for, for sluggish 30fps and pretentious story-line...

"Their truth is a lie.
Their city is an illusion.
Do not accept the world as it is.
My name is Dante!"

My god! What the hell is all this rebellious/cheesy/emo/hipster garbage?! DMC series is not about that! Give me my arrogant, self-centered, stylistic, white haired Dante that says stuff like: "This Party's getting crazy!" while he's ripping demons apart back! And all this while running at 60fps.

And where are all the hot chicks anyway? Where is Trish, Lady and Lucia? Well, forget about Lucia...

VileAndVicious2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )


NT is developing the story and designing the game world. According to this interview capcom is pretty much focusing on combat.

DragonKnight2640d ago

@Vile: I don't think Capcom is focusing on the combat because an earlier interview has Tameem talking about how Dante's fighting style is no longer a refined, technician style but is Street Brawler, unrefined style. Unless either he's lying, or that's what Capcom is doing anyway. Either way, NT still are mediocre and still can't make combat mechanics.

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