Have you hated on a reviewer for giving out a bad score?

Have you ever bashed a reviewer for negative review of a game you highly anticipated? Even better, did you just look for a score and then erupt with rage over what you saw?

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WolfLeBlack2668d ago

Reviews are just opinions, so it always beats me how people can post hate comments on a review simply because a review didn't give a game the score they wanted.

I've had it on a few reviews I've done, all because I gave the game lower than a reader thought it deserved, and in some cases because I scored it higher.

Reviews are opinion, not fact.

iamnsuperman2668d ago

I hate it where reviews miss out major bugs in the end score or clearly rushed through a game to get their review out. It is easy to spot when a review is rushed out.

4pocalyps32668d ago

I hate reviewers that give a game a good review. So you, thinking the game is good based off the review, purchase it yourself only to find out it isn't all as fun it is supposed to be.

darthv722668d ago

you cant please everyone in how you review something. Some people have a greater sense of forgiveness than others when it comes to certain aspects of the review process. Like you say..if you spot bugs and glitches then why arent they called on. It could be that the person reviewing has a better tolerance level for stuff like that.

Yeah, reviews are opinions but what has happened over a short amount of time is the bending of the review to no longer be a neutral objective view of the product and more of the one sided yay or nay. If someone can truly be objective and give good with bad without being overly critical of one or the other then we would be back to the glory days of reviews.

When it was left up to the individual to decide for themselves. Reviews then gave a summarized perspective of the product but never said yes get it or no stay away from it. It was always left for the consumer to decide.

LOGICWINS2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

"Yeah, reviews are opinions but what has happened over a short amount of time is the bending of the review to no longer be a neutral objective view of the product and more of the one sided yay or nay."

As I stated below, its impossible for a person to give a neutral objective review since they are HUMAN.

Everyone has a different outlook on what makes a game good or bad.

If reviewers were ENTIRELY objective..then how could they possibly recommend the game to anyone?

How can a reviewer tell you whether a game is fun or not since(according to you) they must be objective/neutral?

Whether a game is "fun" or not is an opinion. It seems to me like you want to suppress that opinion.

Take Gran Turismo 5 for example. Theres no way to OBJECTIVELY say that GT5 is fun. Some people enjoy slowing to a crawl with every turn they make...and others like roaring through turns with unrealistic speeds ala Burnout/Split Second.

jaosobno2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

Reviews are much more than just opinions, they can make or brake a game.

Problem today is that most big reviewing sites are in bed with certain publishers and console makers, so reviews today have lost all their value.

Remember when gamespot fired Jeff Gerstmann for giving a bad review of Kane&Lynch? Eidos threatened to stop paying for ads on their site and so gamespot took action. Inestead of defending their colleague, they acted like lowest of whores and fired him.

I won't even mention the likes of IGN, since there is no insult bad enough to describe their reviewing methods.

darthv722668d ago

i think you missed the point. There can be reviews based on facts. Does the game do this or have that yes/no and so on. The point where the review process breaks down is the personalizing of the review when the reviewer knows not everyone can share the same opinion.

Thus the neutral objective approach has long vanished and we are left with one sided opinions that take the place of reviews. Can i objectively say killzone 3 has lots of action? yes which can be proven as fact. Can i say it has the best action of any game? No because that would be my personal opinion being thrown out there as fact.

Bottom line is that suppressing the opinion would be a nice thing when it comes to the real meat of the review. If after an objective review is made and the reviewer would like to add their personal 2 all means. Just keep the opinion out of the main review itself.

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Burackus2668d ago

That's just it a review should be a review not opinion a game should be reviewed by meeting certian criteria and bases on other games in its genre

Angrymorgan2668d ago

I tend to judge on multiple reviews, that way it gives me a good idea about the game, if you go off only 1 review, your only getting a single persons opinion

Anon19742668d ago

Inconsistency bothers me. I hate it when a reviewer points out something is wrong about one game, and then in another game it gets a pass. Or the "I'm obviously reviewing for hits" scores. Destructoid was(is?) bad for that. They review a game, and the review sounds fantastic with nothing bad mentioned and then they slap a 6 on it because they know it'll drive traffic to their site. I find I have a few reviewers I trust who haven't let me down, or I'll just view an aggregate score that's got all the super highs and super lows factored in when I need help making my purchasing decisions.

I'd love to just be able to play every game and make up my own mind, but my gaming time is limited. I rely on reviews to help me spend my gaming dollar.

Tony P2668d ago

While reviews are opinions of a kind, a good review tells you more than what the reviewer thinks.

It is both knowledgeable and informative. Imo, a review is just an argument for or against a game. Like any good argument, it should be supported by facts and some solid research.

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StifflerK2668d ago

I don't see anything wrong with a reviewer who has a different opinion, no game is perfect after all.

What does irritate me are reviewers who obviously have not played the game they're reviewing , or those who have a clear bias.

badboy74282668d ago

Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Cpt_kitten2668d ago

yes thats true but reviews shouldn't be opinion pieces they should give all the ups and downs of a game

not like reviewers today who compare all fps to call of duty and say its bad because its not call of duty, or give a game a good score because its popular like call of duty or GTA

badboy74282668d ago

True that's why you pick the good apple out the bunch. Their are so many reviewers and out all of them I only have maybe 2 or 3 that I trust.

LOGICWINS2668d ago

"yes thats true but reviews shouldn't be opinion pieces they should give all the ups and downs of a game"

But everyone has different opinions on what the "ups" and "downs" of a game are. Several people who reviewed Borderlands said that the looting became redundant after a while...yet I personally LOVED the looting aspect of the game.

You can't have a review that isn't an opinion because it wouldn't be an honest review.

By the very fact that all reviewers are human, ALL reviews will be biased in some sort of fashion.

slinky1234562668d ago

COD does not deserve good scores when it has always have had a terrible(and I mean absolutley horrible) single player campaign. Pisses me off when they reward that a goty over Uncharted 2.

LOGICWINS2668d ago

And thats your opinion. Reviewers can also have the opinion that COD is a fantastic FPS experience. Neither you or them would be wrong.

I wouldn't say its anything to get "pissed off" about. If you personally enjoy Uncharted 2...why care what others think?

theEx1Le2668d ago

I agree, however thats your opinion, so why can't someones opinion be different? certainly not a reason to hate on someone.

e-p-ayeaH2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

CoD gets good scores because it offers alot of goodies for you to play it and the 60 fps fast fluid gameplay and nicelly designed maps are key.

But WAW,MW2 and Black Ops should definitly get 8´s instead of 9´s in my opinion.

Paragon2668d ago

Yeah, it's just opinions.

Kinda like IMO I think Mirror's Edge should get a sequel. :-D I know, different subject, but it would be awesome.

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