Stop Supporting GameStop’s Unethical Business Practices

Geek Revolt writes:

"So, GameStop removed the OnLive code from the PC version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution? This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Here’s what’s wrong with removing add-ons, and why you should take your money somewhere else when it comes time to buy Battlefield 3, Uncharted 3, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and any other game that’s coming out this year."

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Bolts2584d ago

Raiders will win 4 games this year.

Shackdaddy8362584d ago

I'm with ya BX. Go Saints!

badboy74282583d ago

Who is your favorite team don't lie.

BX812583d ago

LMAO! Big O' is my favorite team. Right behind them is the Giants. I love me some Oakland! I was in Iraq when they faced Tampa in the SB. I just came off of mission and I was suprised as hell. Too bad they lost. Either way it made my deployment that much sweeter!

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TBM2584d ago

Sorry I shop at gamestop because my younger brother is a manager of one of the stores. So its a lot easier for me to get my games, posters, and other little stuff if I want.

He has on plenty occasions told me that the company are a bunch of crooks lol.

J86blum2583d ago

I have a two close friends each run a Gamestop and they hook me up, but at the same time do say how crooked GS is and what not.

BX812583d ago

Big lie! No one who works at GS believes that they are full of crooks... JK.

RumbleFish2583d ago

Never spent a single cent @ GameStop.

ATi_Elite2583d ago

Game Stop Sucks Donkey Balls!

I think it's time to Boycott Game Stop and put them outta business!!!!

I'm a PC Gamer and I never shop there anyway but opening boxes and removing the codes and then selling the game for the brand new price is Bullshite!!

I think "Worse Buy" is starting to take used games so go there instead!!

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Dsavage2584d ago

I almost never buy from Gamestop anyway.

JoGam2584d ago

Amazon for me. I learned my lesson.

theEx1Le2584d ago

This doesn't? seriously?

knifefight2583d ago

It's mighty hard to make the American public, well, actually change habits or old ways based on any sort of ethics or logic. It's not really what we do.

Lavalamp2583d ago

Oh, it's on!

*Runs outside*

sloth33952584d ago

i tell them if its open i wont pay full price

BrightFalls762584d ago

Same here! I went in to pick up 3 NEW games (Infamous 2, No More Heroes and Shadows of the Damned). Guy put three open games on counter that had "new" stickers plastered on them ;/ If I'm paying full price on something I want it sealed without stickers all over case and a disc that was in a sleeve.

BrightFalls762584d ago

Best Buy has REALLY come on strong, I've been to a few recently that have had HUGE selections of pre-owned games and the condition is always top notch without stickers all over the place. Prices are also far better on pre-owned across the board.