Top 10 Best World War II Games

World War II; “The Good War”, as some people call it. Never has a conflict in American history been so favorably looked back upon. No war is ever good, but at least here, the conflict was black and white: The good guys were good, the bad guys were evil, and it was a fight worth fighting for. Likewise, video games have followed suit, and World War II is the most represented war period in the medium. While the genre has certainly died down in recent years, World War II games gave us some quality titles, many of which brought gaming where it is today. Here are the Top 10 Best World War II games, and how they remind us why shooting Nazis is so much fun.

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iamnsuperman2640d ago

One of my favourite was Medal of Honour Frontline. Good game

Jury2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

I would love Call of Duty 2 to be brought to PlayStation. Wasn't quite enough to make me get a 360, but close.

I love my WWII games. Playing through frontline atm. I've wasted so much time on that game.

newn4gguy2640d ago

It's called the "great war", not the "good war".

ian722640d ago

I loved "The Saboteur". Got it at release and really enjoyed it. Its a bit like GTA, but set in WW2, helping the resistance in France.

Rifkens2640d ago

No Red Orchestra, no likey!

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