Head2Head: Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Demo Screenshot Comparison

Lensoftruth: "WH40k: Space Marine is only the second game Relic has developed on either the PS3 or Xbox 360 (the first being the 360 exclusive, The Outfit), and is the first to use their brand new Phoenix Engine, created just for this game. So how did the PC veteran fare on consoles? Hop in to see for yourself."

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RudeSole Devil2640d ago

Played it last night and loved this game.. Xbox version looks better IMO.

THC CELL2640d ago

Yawn, The game sucks i am enjoying the much better version of deus ex on ps3.

Jocosta2640d ago

That was completely irrelevant, just an fyi.

MaxXAttaxX2640d ago

They really named it "Space Marine"? lol

Well, I guess that'll sell.

ActivistBike2640d ago

Better version of Deus Ex? If the PC boys were here they would rip you apart, and show me how it is the better version? Last time I checked installed on an 360 it has faster load times and the graphics look identical. Stop riding Sony's dick.

Godmars2902640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

No difference worth bring up or starting anything over.

Tempjf2640d ago

Game looks pretty cool. I might have to go download this tonight... Is this different then the multi-player one.

zero_cool2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

Good another developer studio gets it that they need to build game engines that scale to each of the consoles strengths to best of both consoles abilities to achieve the best result.It's clear that having a better overall hardware architecture design with fewer flaws then your competitor helps give the other console a noticeable technical edge because ultimately logic conquers opinions from a technical point of view.

Da_Evil_Monkey2640d ago

Looks like the PS3 version is missing SSAO or something, but I'm not a graphics expert so I could be wrong. This is the biggest difference in quality I've seen in a long while, I'm quite disappointed. I thought Devs were starting to get the hang of multiplatform development, but this proves that some still need to work on it.

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