Canadian ISP Rogers Accused of Throttling Video Game Connections

Corey Rollins Writes: "We've all experienced periods of unexpected lag while playing online games. Often times we blame our hardware, or a congested server. But a recent complaint in Ontario against the Canadian Internet Service Provider (ISP) Rogers Communications suggests otherwise.

The Canadian Gamers Organization (CGO) has accused the large ISP of failing to provide accurate transparency with its Internet Traffic Management Programs (ITMP), otherwise known as Internet throttling."

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ziggurcat2308d ago

it's a good thing i'm not with rogers haha.

ShoryukenII2308d ago

If they keep this up, they'll end up like Blockbusters. >:)

kma2k2308d ago

We could only wish. I dont even live in canada but ISP's everywhere pull crap like this & its a bunch of bs.

The stupid caps are antoher thing that are just bs!

redsymphony2308d ago

well im on rogers and i would def say they are

kneon2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

I've rarely ever noticed any lag issues, the only game I've seen it on is when my daughter plays COD. Maybe it's only applied in certain areas or on the lower tier plans. I'm on extreme plus and on speedtest the ping is typically 10-12 ms with download speeds of 35-40mbps, that's more than the advertised speed. I should try it from the PS3 and see if it's any different, though that is unlikely to be throttled either as it's not a gaming traffic.

eferreira2308d ago

im on rogers, this pisses me off

HeavenlySnipes2308d ago

I knew it wasn't me just sucking ass randomly....

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The story is too old to be commented.